Podcast Feed Status


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Hello Everyone,

As most of you are aware we've had a large number of podcast issues over the last couple of years. We recently made some significant changes which should alleviate most, if not all, of these issues.

If you are having trouble receiving the latest episodes in your podcast player, please try to re-subscribe using the URLs found on https://mythgard.org/listen.

For further information please listen to the latest episode on The Tolkien Professor Podcast: https://tolkienprof.fireside.fm/410

- Keli


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Sweet. I find myself, after 140ish live sessions, suddenly unavailable most Tuesday nights for a while. It was saddening to not be able to get to hear 143 and 144 before I was able to live-attend 145. I'll get over it, and now that the feed seems to be working again, I feel better about any future asynchronous sessions.

Jim Deutch

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I'm an early to bed kind of guy: I have never yet attended live. My podcast listening time has always been my commuting time, but I'm working exclusively from home for the foreseeable future. I'm getting way behind!