Prompt: Platform 9 and 3/4 Challenge!

Hello, I'm Edwina, I'm pleased to meet you! Here is what I have in my trunk:

Clothing enough for 7 days. Mom and Dad and I made them over the summer so I'd have something appropriate.
My schoolbooks (used, but Minister Granger gave me her old Charms textbook!)
3 quills and ink
10 blank scrolls
Toothbrush and toothpaste and personal stuff like that
A bag with some money, mostly Knuts and a few Sickles, but Dad gave me a Galleon on his free-day
5 pounds of chocolate fudge for new friends
A sock given me by my Uncle Dobby. I miss him.


Hestia of the Hearth

Hi, Edwina! Our names rhyme! I'm Selene Gazebo and I'm in Ravenclaw - want to share a carriage? Bring your friends, they're welcome.
I have Nemea here, my lovely owl,
and in addition to schoolbooks, quills, and parchment,
I have a gorgeous quilt my Mum and Grandmum made for me - all shades of blue and covered with snowflakes -
and this case is a gift from my Mother, her first set of apothecary measures! She's rather pleased that I'll be doing NEWT Potions this year.
And (blush), I've a new fountain pen. It's a good-luck-seventh-year gift from a rather nice Hufflepuff boy I've made friends with.
Plus yarn! Plenty of yarn! Do you like handknit socks?