Recasting Jackson's Actors?

Shelby Seymore

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Will we recast Jackson's actors?

Viggo Mortensen for Aragorn?
Sir Ian McKellen for Gandalf?
Sean Astin for Sam?

We aren't following the CME, but will we use its actors?


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I would say it depends on whether or not we can use any actors, past and present. If we can use past actors, I would say go for it! But since we couldn't do them all if we make it just present people (RIP Christopher Lee) then I would say go with a whole new cast.


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Maybe take it on a case by case basis? Some I think did really well in their part. Apart from the whole I have never wanted that power/weakness of men theme I really liked Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn. And Ian McKellen as Gandalf. Others did not do so well.


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I would argue against recasting the actors from the Jackson films. I don't think that we want our imagined viewers to think it's the same world, or wonder at all about that. Some casting choices they made were great, true, but still, they set up quite a different version of Middle Earth than the one I think we are trying to create here, unless I'm mistaken.
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As much as I love these actors, it does seem like casting the same actors would cause confusion as to whether this was a continuation or a reboot of Middle earth. Also, since we won't be starting with old Aragorn but young Aragorn, we may want to choose that actor first and then choose an older actor that would make sense for the younger rather than vice versa.

Elizabeth Alfaro

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I always follow the Tolkien professor, but I'm Knew in this forum.
I recently listen to the fantasy casting postcast and found this video.
I think is very illustrated.

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Okay so as we know we are recasting I had a couple ideas pop into my head. I missed the boat of Season 1 generally casting but loved who we got in the whole (though it should have been Gruffudd as Elrond. Oh well)

If we have Gael Garcia Bernal as Olorin how about when he takes on the raiment of an elderly man as part of the Five he is played by Edward James Olmos? He can pull of warmth and strength, he's really versatile with great gravitas

As for Saruman I really like the idea of Michael Palin. He seems like such a loveable grandfather figure but then you watch performances such as Brazil or Remember Me and he can extert this very eerie, subtle terror. A quiet darkness

I'm sure I'll have more relevant thoughts to current seasons as we go