Request for a new forum

Bruce N H

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Hi all,

I'm not sure who admins here to direct this request to. As we are going to be starting the next Mythgard Academy book soonish (yay Dante!), we should definitely have a new sub-forum under the "Mythgard Academy Discussions" section. Or, if we don't want endlessly expanding forums, there could be a few main buckets: "Tolkien books", "Other modern fantasy authors", "Science fiction" and "Medieval works" (someone could wordsmith those). Maybe not perfect (e.g. is Dracula "modern"? I guess relative to 1485), but discussions of the various Mythgard Academy books we've done could all be roughly grouped into those categories.

I'm just excited to start talking about Dante and hoping there is somplace to put this. Also a place where Corey would be able to see questions relative to the discussion, like the "questions for Narnion" sub-forum of Exploring the Lord of the Rings.



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I did not wait.
I asked directly.
btw, you can see who the admins are in the 'Members' tab.
Ed Powel is the admin most concerned with Mythgard Academy.
Corey is listed as an admin but only so he has better access to the content. He does not have any active admin duties.