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Hey friends! Thought I would get some stuff kickstarted here at the basic level. Role playing is just storytelling and stories cannot exist without characters. So! Let's see if we can't get a roster of RP characters started. I'm not seeing a need for anything too specific yet, but a general overview of the character would be great.

Turodhor (main)- Captain: Dol Amroth expatriate living in Breeland, armorsmith widowed before the wedding turned sellsword to pay for the trip home

Buckford (Mythgard RP toon)- Hunter, Breelander: forester born and raised; concerned with strange rumors and tidings seen in the woods, wants to do what he can to get things normal again


Beodfrec- Skald of Rohan

Orelchon- Guardian, Noldo: Swordsmith for Gil-Galad's army, furious that the war he fought failed to quell Sauron permanently. Trying to stop the threat once and for all to honor the king he feels he failed.

Radrion- Hunter, Noldo: Born and raised in Rivendell in recent times, wandering Middle Earth to see its beauty and wonder as it is before it falls under shadow.


I mildly RP on Louni my Dwarf Minstrel. This is usually only when he is playing music with The Green Hill Music Society, (one of the longest "still" playing music groups in LOTRO).

He is a respectable Dwarf that is very serious about his life's role in the protection of the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth. But he can be quick with a joke when he wants to be, (usually at the wrong moment). He is serious, but does not take himself serious.
Always willing to help out anyway he can, along with his Brother the Hunter, Tunni.


I've completely lost track of who's in the kin and who isn't, but the following are my characters currently being used for RP or waiting in the wings for it.

Calonimir: Ranger of the North, currently in Gondor as part of the Grey Company
Torhael: Ranger of the North, currently on patrol in the North Downs
Maegdin: Ranger of the North, on his way to Bree in an attempt to learn what he can about some distressing news he recently uncovered

Mearhwine: Æthelwigend of the fifth éored of the Westmark, assigned to the Hornburg under Erkenbrand Thane. Currently in Mundburg with the rest of the éoheré after the Battle of the Pelennor Fields

Prestamir: lord of the lands in the angle of Erui and Anduin, vassal of Forlong the Old, Lord of Lossarnach. Currently recovering in the Houses of Healing from serious wounds suffered in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields

Glasgalad: Silvan Elf of Lórien, currently in Imladris, serving as a scout for Lord Elrond, as he has since he came across the Mountains in the company of the Lady Celebrían
Gilglir: Exile of Tírion, currently aiding the Rangers of the North in Esteldín


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For the Kin RP: Bialver Hunangsbjörn, currently at large in Eriador.

Bialver is the third and youngest son from a minor branch of the Beornings, the Hunangsbjörns, known chiefly for their skill with beekeeping and their mead. He has been wandering since slightly before he came of age.

Three preoccupations shape him
  • He’s always wanted to be a minstrel and a healer, that’s why he left home. He can only heal in small ways, and play a few simple tunes - the greater healing gift of music has eluded him.
  • He believes that the Beornings are somehow descended from Beor. He has found nothing to support this, but he is always eager to hear more lore of earlier days.
  • He likes his wandering life, but it means he can’t keep bees or make mead. He tries the mead everywhere he goes, but it’s never what he wants it to be.

He’s gained considerable fighting skill in his travels, but an old vow from early in his wanderings now prevents him from using it except in certain highly specific and complicated circumstances. (His nature takes over sometimes in the thick of a fight and causes him to strike a blow without meaning to. This is a problem for him.)

However he is allowed to intervene even in an unequal fight when there is a danger of loss of life to one of his companions. There are fewer restrictions on his use of his limited healing skills.

He never met a Ranger before, that he knows of. But he thinks Rangers can’t be worse than some folk he’s seen in his travels, despite all the rumors about them.


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Thorford was 18, the son of a humble family in a village in rural Rohan, tending the eorl's horses and helping the family grow vegetables on their little plot, as one does. One night, he went out on the plain to track down a missing horse and returned to find that a company of orcs bearing the sign of the White Hand had killed everyone else in the village, including his parents, and burned it to the ground.

Well, at this point he had no one to go to and no idea what to do next. The plains of Rohan have a lot of grass for horses, but not much to offer a hungry man. He had heard that there were places in the North where a man could work land and feed himself by the sweat of his brow, so Thorford set off for the North in search of such a place.

Of course, he needed food and equipment for the journey, but he had nothing. He is not proud of this, but he took to waylaying other travelers on the road for food and supplies, although he tried not to hurt anyone, to take only what he needed, and to leave them enough to find their way to their destinations. He traveled that way all the way up the Greenway and almost to Bree, when he himself was waylaid by the Blackwolds.

They were going to kill him, but he managed to convince them that he was a bandit himself (mostly true), and they took him in as a member of their band. But it didn't take long with the Blackwolds before he realized they were a nasty bunch in league with dark forces, the same sort of dark forces that were responsible for the deaths of his loved ones. When he refused to go along with the Blackwolds' wicked plans, they imprisoned him.

He was freed from the Blackwold prison by a Ranger named Strider, and you probably already know how that went down and what happened next. Afterward, Strider made Thorford swear an oath to turn away from brigandry and in the future to use the burglarious skills he had learned to oppose the rising tide of darkness that had already claimed his village and his family. Thorford swore the oath gladly. And so now he is in Bree, wondering what to do next.


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I've enjoyed reading the quest logs of this game. Thank you for posting them!
I'm curious why some chapters have been left out and not posted. I just finished Chapter 14 and wondered where 15-17 got to...