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Who should play Saeros, a haughty and prejudiced courtier of Elwe/Thingol and later an antagonist to Turin?

I say Burn Gorman, whom I recognize as the bullying and prejudiced Hindley Earnshaw in Wuthering Heights (2009), opposite Tom Hardy as Heathcliff and Charlotte Riley as Catherine Earnshaw.
I'm not sure we're doing casting for Saeros this season. (I don't think I've seen Gorman, but I'll check him out)
'The list' is a comprehensive all-inclusive list of characters who could appear in this season. It is not a list of the characters we are actually casting, as....we haven't gotten there. I imagine we will cast Saeros when we get to the Turin season (5), though of course he should appear in some scenes earlier.
Gorman as Hindley Earnshaw
He does a good "insufferable". He's a bit too aberrant-looking for an elf, for me, but I can see it. He was terrifying in Man in the High Castle.
He's a good actor. I saw him in The Hour and more recently in And then there were none.