Sam's Missing "Pickles" - missing last words from the Council of Elrond

So, while catching up I was a little bit disturbed by the missing final paragraph of The Council of Elrond, in some recent editions of The Lord of the Rings. So I went looking to see what could be found out, which was harder to google than id hoped but thankfully the 3 editions that I owned were actually all I needed. So here's what I Found.

Editions (Canadian)
1. Boxed set of paperback Collins Modern Classics (published 2002, Douglas Anderson Note on text from April 1993)
2. Alan lee Illustrated Editions coffee table-sized Harper collins ( published 2002, D. Anderson note on text from April 2002)
3. Collins 50th anniversary kindle ebook (ebook edition 2012, version 2019-11-01, D. Anderson now on text May 2004)

Notes of my 3 editions:
Of the 3 only the 2nd, the illustrated Alan lee version from 2002 contains this error of omitting the final paragraph. From the notes by Douglas Anderson I have understood that my paperback editions are likely a version of the 1994 versions after they were originally digitized by the publishers. the Illustrated editions are also based upon some updated version of the 1994 digitized text. The ebook which is based on the 50th-anniversary edit (I checked the number of ponies) does not contain the error.
But what is more, this error is even referenced in the 2004 note on the text, noting that "Unforeseeable glitches" arose in transferring the 1994 computerized editions to the page making/typesetting programs, and notes as an example that in one edition that those final 2 sentences "simply and inexplicably disappeared."
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