Scavenger Hunts


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I am part way through watching the Grrlz going through the Year One Scavenger Hunts, and last Saturday @mdmnmdllr was kind enough to help me out with some of the "Foes" but we ran out of time, so I still need the last two.

My major issue is that I am in the UK and so my time online does not overlap much with people with whom I have any actual acquaintance and I feel somewhat diffident about asking strangers. Indeed my Evernight Minstrel waited by the Party Tree for about 15 minutes last weekend asking on World, Regional and Shout for help and none of the high-level characters milling about deigned to respond, which doesn't exactly encourage me :( (I have to balance that with the kind soul who did respond a short while later in Bree and was able to help her defeat Svalfang, so it's not all doom and gloom :D )

Could we organise some groups so that people like me who have not reached the exalted heights of Level Cap might have a chance at completing at least one of each Year of the Scavenger Hunt?
I'm available most server-time afternoons, just post something here in advance so I'll know. (Sending me a tell is unlikely to work unless you can correctly guess which of my fourteen characters I'll be on at the time.)
There are scavenger hunts????? I'm in.
Just look for Rosiebug I'm on at the weekend and UK time!!!!
I've never done any of them so I'll help you if you show me how
Phil, if you haven't made in further progress with Ala or Obunt by Saturday, we can give it another try ...
I shall inform Alayaule that talking with George will need to wait for a bit: if somebody wants to do a Chicken Run it shouldn't take her too long to get back :D

I think she has enough tokens saved up from earlier festivals that she can exchange and barter for the prizes she needs (that new steed is gorgeous and it's very handy to have at least one goat available; after that, everybody likes kites :cool: and dragons just make them better) but she needs to at least start the Scavenger Hunt cycle and do what she can on her own.

I'll see what Travels I can manage on my own as well: I should be able to sneak my way to the Falconer's Tower even with my non-Burglars :p and I'm sure there were a couple of others that I ought to be able to reach.