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A note on ages:

At the wedding, Morwen is about 20 years old, and Rían is about 13.

Thanks. That helps a lot.


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Episode 12 logistics:

Both Carcharoth and the Elves travel a bit in Episode 12. In addition, a group of humans is travelling between Brethil and Doriath.


A party has come from Brethil to Menegroth for the wedding of Beren and Lúthien. After the wedding celebration, they return to Brethil, during which journey they cross paths with Carcharoth. Beleg and Huan also see evidence of Carcharoth before he enters Doriath (near the Mindeb).

There are three opportunities to cross the River Sirion. There are ferry boats at the fens of Sirion in the south. There is a bridge built crossing the River Sirion shortly after it is joined by the Teiglin and the Esgalduin tributaries (marked in green on the map). And there is a ford along the road at Brithiach (also marked in green on the map).

Emeldir's party returning to Brethil takes this northernmost route, journeying from Menegroth to the borders of Doriath, and from there along the Mindeb until meeting the road through Dimbar. Then they intend to cross the Brithiach ford and enter the Forest of Brethil. Sometime before they reach the ford at Brithiach, they are ambushed by Carcharoth.

Doriath is approximately the same width as Dorthonion, aka 60 leagues = 180 miles = 290 km.
That is also roughly the distance between Menegroth and Amon Obel.

A casual walking pace (rather than a military march) moves at a pace of 3 mi/hr for maybe 6-8 hours each day. So, covering 18-24 miles a day means that they can reach the borders of Doriath (from Menegroth) after, say, 4-5 days. And another 4-5 days to travel to Brethil after that.

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Here is the draft script for Episode 12

It's a three-act rather than a four-act story.


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Here is the draft script for Episode 12

It's a three-act rather than a four-act story.
Thank you, I enjoyed that very much.

I did get a bit weepy at the end....