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The Silmarillion Film Project
Season 7, Episode 2:

Central conflict: The young Men return from Faerie, and re-enter the world of Men…and action is afoot!

A-Plot: Húrin, Huor, and Handir return from Gondolin
B-Plot: Galadriel meets with Treebeard and gathers intel.
C-Plot:. Maedhros puts his plan in motion at home and abroad.
POV character: Húrin

Episode Outline

Teaser: Frame

Act I : FA 464
Scene 1: The Estolad - The House of Hador gathers around their main settlement for a yearly tent encampment reminiscent of the Estolad. The House of Bëor joins in this activity. Slice-of-life. We see market stalls, celebrations, once-a-year events and remembrances, games, etc. We see how Emeldir the Manhearted is received by the House of Hador and how her people are adjusting to their new home. Eagles arrive! The three young Men walk into town dressed like Elves.

Scene 2: Himring - Meeting - where do we go from here? Scene from end of Season 6 Ep 13 where brothers discuss silmarils, Lúthien, Morgoth, etc. Maedhros indicates that their efforts will be focused on Angband.

Scene 3: Ossiriand - Galadriel is wandering about Ossiriand not really engaged in the happy idyllic life of the elves there. She meets Galathil and expresses her desire to be doing something with her brothers gone from this world. She’s been on the sidelines for too long. Galathil is sympathetic, but doesn’t understand what she’s talking about. Hubbub - the arrival of the ents! No one has seen them in years.

Scene 4:.The Estolad - The eagles are gone. The crowd from town surrounds them but Galdor and Hareth recognize them. Reunion - hugs! Tears! You were dead and now you’re here!! Then…questions. How??? Reluctance of the boys to speak. Galdor takes them in away from the crowd.

Act II : immediately follows.
Scene 5: The Hall - Feed the returned boys. The Council of Dor-lómin present. Heir-apparent (Gundor’s son) arrives and welcomes them back - particularly Húrin - you don’t know how much it means that you’ve returned! Someone asks where they’ve come from. They say they were safe, but sworn to secrecy, and at that point Galdor halts the questioning, saying that they will honor their word, and they are welcome back to his hall.

Scene 6: Gate of Himring - Maedhros and Curufin inspect the Gate, which still shows damage from the war. Curufin opines that Fëanor could have had the gate fixed by now. Maedhros retorts that Finwë could have had it replaced in a year. Curufin brings up the silmaril in Doriath, and Maedhros explains why there is no point in reminding Thingol of their rights right now. But…later, once those silmarils are recovered, the situation will be different and Thingol will be obliged to listen to them.

Scene 7: Ossiriand - Galadriel takes a walk with Treebeard to hear of his journeys. Treebeard realizes that something about Galadriel makes her different from the other Green-elves. He eventually realizes that it’s because she’s seen the light of the Trees.

Scene 8: The Estolad - An annual horserace for the young men of Dor-lómin. Húrin takes it upon himself to make a speech addressing them before the race. The speech, which mentions taking the fight to Morgoth, is received enthusiastically, but Galdor has concerns. Huor sees that Galdor is less than pleased.

Act III :
Scene 9: The Estolad - Morwen and Emeldir hear the speech and watch the horserace. Emeldir asks Morwen her thoughts on these events. Morwen is a bit dismissive - well, it’s all bravado. Emeldir’s take - okay, sure, but what’s it’s accomplishing? Why do they do this? Clearly, the Estolad events are important to them, and we must do our best to understand.

Scene 10: Himring - Celegorm is on his own - looking out from a tower towards the south. He’s adrift, wishing he could be out in the woods with his dog, but *sigh*. Maedhros finds him and tells him to take the descendants of Amlach and get them into fighting force of light cavalry. But…they can’t? Exactly - make them.

Scene 11: Ossiriand - Galadriel asks Treebeard about his journeys, and talks about the forests to the South and the Druedain (Pûkel-men) who live there. Galadriel’s curiosity reveals her interest in sussing out the possibility of alliances to the south. Galadriel eventually dismisses the possibility of pursuing this group of people..too few. Can Treebeard tell her of any other….more numerous groups of people?.

Scene 12: Estolad - You can never go home. Húrin meets with Huor and Handir while the young Men celebrate after the horse race. Dor-lómin is not what they left behind. Húrin is frustrated that the House of Hador has become complacent. This guy Beren from the House of Bëor took down the tower of Tol Sirion! We need to be involved in that! Galdor joins them for this conversation, and pulls Húrin aside.

Act IV:
Scene 13: Estolad - continuous - outside the crowded room - We’re so glad you’re home! You are going to be the leader some day. Things aren’t the way you think they are. Húrin is confused - you’re not the father I remember who fought bravely in the war. I’m not the child you sent away. Don’t tell me I don’t understand when I can see with my own eyes, and only wasn’t here because you sent me away! Galdor lays out for him - this is war. War is watching your brother succumb to his wounds, war is men who fight with you not coming home. War is facing not just a fragment of orcs, but a full army led by a balrog, etc. Don’t speak of what you don’t know.

Scene 14: Himring - Maedhros, Maglor, and Amras. So…now what? Maedhros admits that they’re not necessarily going to win this, but no better time than now. Maglor expresses concerns - we aren’t going to get help from {lists}. Maedhros agrees, but insists that he needs to take the first step. Maglor agrees to come with him, but Maedhros declines, leaving him in Himring. He invites Amras to accompany him. Amras, surprised, agrees.

Scene 15: Ossiriand - Treebeard is telling Galadriel about the lands of Bree. He mentions the road and the city-building, but mentions how there are many people on the Downs. Smoke rising, tall walls. The fires seem to be contained, but he stayed a safe distance away. Fewer trees than the last time. He says enough to encourage Galadriel, with an outsider perspective.

Scene 16: Estolad - Húrin is respectful and acknowledges his father’s words. Húrin states the need to be prepared for the future, though, so please - teach me. They can’t just wait for the next attack. Galdor agrees with that! They come to an agreement.

Tag: Travel/Arrivals Montage - Ents moving along as elves watch. Fëanoreans set out on their tasks. Handir arrives in Brethil and greets his mother and father…and Beldis.
Twitch discussion:

As a heads up, only part of this video is recorded. The first hour and a half of the conversation is not on Twitch.
Here is the script document for Episode 2:

Currently lacking a title, so open for suggestions.
Here is the script document for Episode 2:

Currently lacking a title, so open for suggestions.
Great episode Marie! I got shivers at the final scene and the impending doom of Galdor.
Suggestions for titles so far:

Waifs from the Wilderness (Eglir e Throvan = Waifs [forsaken] out of (the) Wilderness)
Preparations (Maeth = Management)
So It Begins (Hí i Thlû= Now [is] the Time)

Any other ideas?
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During the discussion, it was again brought up that we do want Galadriel to plant a tree at the site of the party tree in the future Shire this season. It likely won't be happening on her way out (Episode 4), so will more likely fit in her way back west in Episode 8. The original suggestion was made on the podcast session in October 2023.