Season 2 Outlines… where is 7 and onward?


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I am relatively new to the podcast and read the season 1 outlines awhile back, but now after listening up through most of season 4’s episodes, I am finally getting around to reading the script outlines for season 2, but the thread for them stops at episode 6 for some reason?

I tried looking for a different place it had been addressed but haven’t found it… so I turn to the General to get clarification. Also it was unclear to me if there were final drafts actually posted from after the discussions on the podcast, but that’s probably just me not reading carefully
Yes, sorry for that.

The easiest way to find all of the outlines at once is to look in the thread pinned at the top of this forum - the SilmFilm Organisation Project. There, you will find all of the Episode Outlines: