Solstice Poetry Followup

Having just realized that I completely flaked out on the solstice poetry reading (I appreciate that another reader stepped in to present my submission anyway, and I apologize for the inconvenience) I wanted to offer to give the introduction I was going to give at the reading here instead. My only excuse for missing it is that I have been neck deep in medical bureaucracy for the last month or so, and the combination of stress, paperwork, and a deluge of phone calls that have comprised that process has left me precious little time and energy to do more than glance at my email once a day. I must have completely missed an important one.

I have a fully annotated version of "the P Double" which gives citations for all the references, as well as a more general introduction about how and why I wrote it. I also respect the general Mythgard distaste for authorial exegesis, however, so I'll leave it up to you how much, if anything, you want to know. I'm always surprised by how much people seem to find their own meaning in it. as, to me, it seems far too vague to be anything more than a cypher without the notes. Of course, I've never attempted to read it without the "benefit" of authorial insight, so I can only imagine what it would be like to come to it fresh.

Feel free to post any thoughts below, and I'll happily answer any questions.