Tentative Start Date for Season 4 of Silm Film!


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Nothing official has been announced yet, but it looks like we're gearing up for the new season to begin on Friday October 12th! I can confirm that Corey Olsen, Dave Kale, and Trish Lambert should all have availability for that day, so it's looking quite promising :) I will of course let you know if anything changes.

The kick-off session should focus on the burning question: What is the scope of Season 4?

Certainly, we have a lot to decide when it comes to how much of the early First Age story we are going to tell, in how much detail. What are the themes and overarching storylines for Season 4 going to be?

Join us on October 12th at 10 AM Eastern Time to find out!

(For anyone new to the Silm Film Project, sessions are typically biweekly. They start at approximately 10:20 AM and run until 1 PM at the latest.)

There will be an e-mail sent to sign up for the new Webinar once this is officially organized. For now, please be patient and pencil the date in on your calendars!
I heard a rumour that they're planning on reusing the Webinar ID so if you were signed up for Season 3 you automagically get notified when they add the new Season. Any confirmation on that, yeah or neigh?
That is what happened before, yes, so I imagine it would happen again. Nothing has been sent yet, though.
As far as I know?

I sent a PowerPoint to the Hosts today, but I have not heard back (I wouldn't usually unless they are changing things).

I have not seen a link for the new Webinar, though, so until that goes out.....