I nominate Sam Witwer for this role. He is known to Star Wars fans as he's voicing both the Emperor and Darth Maul in the Clone Wars/Rebels TV series they have. He's also Starkiller for those who have played Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. He has an incredible voice and is a master of imitation. However, he's not just a voice actor. In the TV series "Being Human" he played a vampire and apparently did great. I haven't seen that show though. He can be both funny and very frightening and can certanily go some very dark places. I think he's perfect for this role! He has also a face that is kind of cat-like, which will be a good thing for motion capture.

Height: 6' 1" (1,85 m)
Age: 39

EDIT: Here's a video:
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Crispin Freeman

As a voice actor, he does a lot of anime dub and video game work - his characters are quite often evil and/or a bit crazy, someone who likes to torture creatures should be right up his ally. He's voiced Superman, Wolverine, Will Turner, killer robots, vampires and overly loyal cyborgs. Giant talking cat? Why not!
Age: 44

He can obviously handle a range of types of voices, but I think his mad laugh and deep purr as Alucard would be good for a sadistic cat. He's also voiced a wolf before.

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I nominate Andrew Scott, who will probably be familiar to some as the villain Moriarty from BBC's Sherlock. Andrew's fantastic. He can definitely do evil with a touch (and more) of unhinged, and his physical gestures and movement (dramatic, fluid, toying at times) in Sherlock suggest someone who could perform well as a cat. Also his voice has a certain purr to it that lends itself well to this role. Indeed he's additionally known for his voice acting, and has done radio plays and audiobooks.


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I nominate Tom Waits. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001823/
It's not a coincidence that rumours say Heath Ledger was inspired by Waits when he created his version of the Joker. This man's extraordinary voice and the way he uses it will bring danger, menace and a bit of madness to the big cat.

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