The Goblin Songs

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  1. Haerangil

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    For fun... I once dabbled a bit in Tolkienian language and there are a few resources for fan-fic-Neo-orcish out there... in the end i came up with these amateur-translations of the goblin-songs into orcish

    they#re probably not very good, but as there are supposed to be many different dialects of orcish and the language family is supposed to be more of a pidgin i guess there might have been an orcish dialect in which the lyrics made sense :)

    In fact i would like some Melkian and orcish chanting in music for the bad guys...
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  2. Marielle

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    I have nothing substantial or intelligent to add to this, but I love the idea of including songs -- for work, perhaps, and marching and battle -- for the orcs. It's a weird and yet realistic touch.

    I'm sure much of the lyrics would be mean-sounding nonsense words, though.
  3. Haerangil

    Haerangil Well-Known Member

    sure. Mean sounding nonsense... but it should be treated seriously as a real language for the realism. I have no problem with using neo-orcish and Tolkiens two songs give us some idea of what orcish music was like...

    we know they used drums, horns, gongs... i would also like industrial percussion and Bagpipes for them. Or Carnyx-like war-trumpets... reconstructed Carnyxes sound horrible!
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  4. JJ48

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    I would think most orcish music would be very rhythmic and driving, like marching feet or a smith's hammer. There would be no beauty in the music, but it could still be very enchanting and really drive into your skull.

    Also, assuming orcs follow the Melkor Theory of Music, there should be percussion and a main theme, but little-to-no harmony.
  5. Haerangil

    Haerangil Well-Known Member

    Yeah! Like some of the more bizarre industrial music groups...

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