The great cavern war part 20 pink vs black


(in case anybody is wondering the langage used for black magic is German)

The Litch was smiling when he charged at Virgil but that smile went away once the wizard started to chant and wave his arms. Then Pink mist filled the room and blurred the vison of those in the room. Soon nobody could see anything but could hear the voice of the wizard. The litch stopped and waived its arms to clear the room and the vampires did the same. Suddenly in a loud clear voice the wizard yelled out “Say hello to my little friend.” He closed his eyes and continued with his words “Ich beschwore dich Damon!.” Without much warning a large shape began to form in the middle of the room. The familiar face of a porcupine and a very large frame abruptly emerged. The same pink demon that Virgil used to guard his throne room back underground had appeared and was ready to fight.

Virgil pointed at the lich and said with a mighty and commanding voice “attack.” Drooling the demon and the flamed filled litch ran at each other and collided like two battering rams slamming on the battle field. The sound was so deafening that the very structure of the castle moved as the BANG echoed down the halls. This was a thunderous mighty battle that drew the attention of everybody in the room. This was not the small slap of two fairy creatures but rather an epic battle between the undead and demon kind. The Litch slashes his sword at the body of the pinky and with a mighty roar the demon grabbed the arms of the litch and ripped them off. The demon which towers over the litch used its mighty jaws to grab the head of the litch and crunched it like a grape. There was the sound of a pop followed by many crunching sounds as the demon seemed unphased by the fire surrounding the demons head and started to munch the very bones of the creature. The demon then began to rip apart and chew various parts of the undead’s body and the gory details will be spared. While the pink thing was still chewing Virgil looked in the direction of the remaining vampires in the room. “Anybody else want some of this. Schadel ich befehle dir zu fliegen.” Just then a large black skull appeared out of Virgils hands and it flew into one of the walls of the castle making a hole straight thru it.

The vampires scared out of their minds immediately bowed down to the ground and said in one voice. “No lord we shall serve you.” Virgil smiled and went over to the throne and then looked at his demon pet enjoying his meal. He pointed to his guard and said “If any of you disobey me this thing will get hungry again.” He knew that the vampires would serve him well. He sat down on the throne and said “I am Virgil your new lord and master. I am a Dark Lord Serve me well and I will make you great. You will dine on the best blood and drink the best wine in the world. I WILL MAKE CASTLE LIONEL KNOW BY ALL!”


Hestia of the Hearth
The power - the idea that something scared vampires - I'm delighted!! Do you want proofreading notes? There's some punctuation stuff - but you might be totally aware of it and this wasn't your polished draft.