The Great Cavern war part 8 gone with the wind -Macduff-


Marion ran down the into the entrance and cast a spell. The demon with dark pink skin began to shrink and soon disappeared. Marion was quick and ran down the stairs of the tower. She began to ring a bell that was stationed a little way across the tower and began yelling. The townsfolk immediately understood that this was in emergency. The townspeople began to panic and soon a frenzy of people and some lizards began a mad dash for the towns entrance. Soon the Inn midnight dreary was alerted and the company from New Haven was up and making for the entrance. Gaius and Ticius were going slowly because of the incident from before. Lewis and Sarah helped them to gain their feet. Everyone was yelling and screaming. Chaos was the rule of the day but everybody made it outside the city before the real disaster struck.

Virgil sat in his chamber and looked at his mirror. Marion had left him alone and knew that the town would soon be abandoned. Virgil knew that the poison was about to reach his heart and kill him. He began to become angry and staring casting random spells that shook his tower to the core. He looked deeply into the mirror and was thinking about all he learned about it. It was a communication device of some kind. Contained within the mirror was the spirit of a very power demon. It is said that this demon had enough power to destroy the world. It was way different than the one he had controlled to guard his tower that thing was known as a drooling demon. They are usually used as very effective guard dogs. Many times, Virgil would talk with this other demon in his mirror. This particular demon went by Belias and that is a name found in many legends. Belias would often talk slowly as if it did not know how to communicate with mere mortals. Using very dark images Belias could speak to Virgil. Belias would always offer a deal. In exchange for Virgil’s physical body Belias would heal Virgil and the two would become one. Belias was a spirit and all Virgil could see in the mirror was swirling images of grey and black. Virgil knew that it was a bad idea to trust a demon but his time was running out. It was now early morning and Virgil could not remember the last time he slept. Virgil casted one last spell that would bring down his tower so that all believed that he perished in the collapse. Then Virgil yelled into the mirror. “I accept your offer for healing help me please.” A crackling voice that was both deep and ancient responded “So…… you……. desire.”

This was the only time in his long life that the powerful Vergil had used the word please. The images inside the mirror had begun to swirl and grow even more dark. Soon the images pulled Virgil into the mirror and it vanished. The Tower began to collapse as dust and rock was thrown everywhere. Giaus was speechless as he watched all this chaos unfold. Ticius cried bitter tears because his home was destroyed. He was devastated and silent for a long time afterwards. The Raven was a terrible place but Ticius knew no other place to call home. A chill went up and down his spine for the first time he felt truly alone in the wide world with no guidance.