"The Hobbit: Or, There and Back Again" Musical Script - Thoughts & Opinions?


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Hello, everyone! Thought you should know that I have a very unorthodox Tolkien musical script for you to read... It's not based on the Silmarillion, but is an interesting project of a kind that I think no one's ever seen since Wagner wrote "The Ring of the Nibelung".

I'm working on the lyrics & music & sign-language gestures to an impeccably canonically accurate stage musical based off of "The Hobbit," which I am working on to right the wrongs that Peter Jackson did in adapting his latest trilogy to film (namely, deviating so far from his source material that no one could honestly claim it was Bilbo's adventure by the end of it) and to rectify the terrible mistake that was the only other Hobbit musical in existence (as soon as I found out that "Thirteen Mighty Dwarves" was on the song list, I knew that it was going to be a horrid mess... and it was indeed). In fact, I was so thoroughly disgusted with the aforementioned horror and Peter Jackson's treatment of Tolkien's masterful prose as just another massive fantasy warfare / horror story to tell (albeit one where people survive) that, to be honest, I had to make my own version. And I had to make it an epic, at-least-two-night musical extravaganza, because that's the format in which I felt I could stay truest to Tolkien and farthest from Jacksonitis.

Another reason that I had to do this as a musical was that I started humming tunes to go with the different songs in the book; in the process, which began sometime in 2014, when I was a student running a local Tolkien group, it became so incredibly expansive, and included so much detail, that I felt obligated to turn it into something much larger than I could have anticipated. This project has been the result of two years of work and five years of theatre study, so I know enough about what I'm doing that I believe it will revolutionize the way people think about doing shows, both technically and in terms of format. It's a unique piece of theatrical adaptation, and I love it dearly.

I also have created what I consider to be the ideal, Beethoven-esque theme for the Discord Melkor made in the Music of the Ainur... Which I will gladly post to the "Melkor" section of the Forums as soon as I am able to get it out of the "invented melodies" section of my brain and onto paper in a form where people can read it, so that, eventually, it will turn up on YouTube where you all can bask in this song's glorious awesomeness; it's his personal leitmotif from my vision of the Mythology, and the only piece of material I currently have from the Silmarillion, so expect more on that from me soon.

Here's a link to my Hobbit project... It might give you some ideas on how a Silmarillion series might be done (especially if you look at the outlines, which are not yet included in the "completed parts" of the text due to the fact that I've only fully outlined Act I and a smidgen of Act II out of the four acts and forty-two titled scenes that will make up this project, and Bilbo still hasn't left his front door or even fallen asleep for the night in the official parts of the script - which will not start "in media res" in the final production).

Feel free to tell me what you think on the forum, and also, comment on the text (which will occasionally be updated, with a musical score to be added in at some later time) right here:


Thank you so much for reading this, and I hope that I'll be able to help you with your project as well!
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Thanks for sharing that Micah. I do like the songs and I think that the songs give it a lighthearted feel which is consistent with the source material. I look forward to hearing the tunes. I am also interested to see what will be in Scenes 1 & 2 and whether you are doing an introduction with the back stories or something different. One of the challenges the Jackson people had was how to make 12 dwarves who showed very little distinction into characters that we care about. I hope you are also doing some work on their characterisations which will be more than the books ever said about each one.
One of my biggest complaints about the Jackson movies in particular the final one was how they dealt with the White Council story. Obviously if you are keeping to the published Hobbit then that is a no-go but if you are wanting it to fit into the wider legendarium, consider it.