Two Poems against Modernism - macduff

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Come let us go with joyous acclaim,
Let us behold it, wonder of wonders,
The workers' pride, the architect's fame:
There in the sky,
Tribute to mankind's
Genius and prowess.

Come let us see the cutting edge,
Modern marvel of engineering,
Form, function's fruit, now soars on its height:
There in the sky,
What we can achieve,
Working together.

Come let us hear the rousing song,
All nations together in peaceful accord,
Tribes and peoples all working as one:
There in the sky,
Symbol of unity,
Tower of peace.

Now let us be glad, let us make merry!
Let us rejoice with fraternal embrace,
For we have immortalized mankind's achievements
There in the sky;
Our children's children
Shall sing our praise.

The broken bricks lie under a blanket of grass there on the heath,
And over the years their secrets to the grass they will bequeath:
Proud they stood, and proud they fell, and proud they will decay,
Proud as the fools that laid them but in confusion fled away.

I stand, a soul that sees somewhat what ought
To be, and as the eve-tide rushes in,
Engulfs me, here I stand, the light grown dim,
But for what I stand here I know not.

The castles fair, the glories that I'd sought,
The many pillared halls that lie within,
Would crumble with the darkling waves as sand,
Would wisp away as clouds that come to naught:

For all we've built, we prosperous men of craft,
For hidden things unveiled, for power gained,
What yoke and fetters did we take unasked?
To what dark purpose have our wills been chained?

And when this sandcastle would collapse,
What memory keep we that would remain?