Unusual Instruments

Yes, bagpipes of various designs have been used in several parts of Europe. The problem for me isn't their actual real-life origin, but that they evoke Scottish culture in the minds of many listeners. Short of inventing a whole world of new instruments and musical traditions from scratch, music in SilmFilm will be evoking a bits of real-world traditions with real-world instruments.

I think it's inevitable that any music and instruments used will remind audiences of something. The question is what do we want to evoke, and what do we not want to evoke?
Hmm... balkan bagpipes for example don't sound scottish at all to my ears...

This is medieval german bagpipe music:

I could imagine such sounds for house hador for example...
I like those German pipes, Haerangil. I agree that they don't really sound especially Scottish or Irish.

Edit: I'm listening to the bagpipe series Nick linked to.
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