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Quiet but not idle. I'm trying to assess some of the options discussed here as I have time. Assessment post(s) forthcoming.


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I think this comment belongs in the elven loremaster section, but I can help you with your software question. You won't need any special tool or software skills. Youtube does automatically generate transcripts even with timestamps. Please note that this does not work for live sessions and not for the first 15 episodes.
  1. Open the video of the session
  2. Select the menu (the one in the same bar as the like and dislike buttons)
  3. Click on 'Open transcript'
The result is not perfect and will definitely need some correction and editing, but that is a task for our elf friends.
Having seen plenty of YouTube videos with automatically generated subtitles, I fear for the proof-readers' collective sanity...

As for the more immediate discussion regarding what solution to use, I'm afraid I don't know much about such tools (my experience comes primarily from working on a company's internal website with an ASP.NET front end pulling data from a SQL database). However, I do think it important that we make sure we know what our requirements are before settling on a solution. We don't want to drag our feet, to be sure; but a little planning up front can save a lot of money on Tylenol in the future.


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One question that will have an impact on which deployable solutions we consider is how we want to authenticate users and how we want to structure user roles.
The idea of a Wiki is to have lots of collaboration, else we just have a well-referenced document. However, there are huge vulnerabilities, time-consuming management, and even .... inherent in allowing the General Public access to edit or even comment freely.
Our community is awesome, but pretty small. And I am in favor of keeping access to the editing side (the backside) of the project very exclusive.
Everyone commenting here has been vetted by the Signum/Mythgard permission system. Do we have any need to be any more restrictive than this forum?
I can think of only two things that need to be more restrictive: Approval hierarchy for Publication of documents, structure, edits, etc., and Technical Management of the website (including front-end look and feel, User roles, Database or git-hub management, extensions, and integration with Signum).
But those are HUGE. And, in my mind, require any deployment solution to have this at its core and not as an add-on.


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Are there any other models of file storage/retrieval that are useful for a Wiki other than a git-repository or a SQL (or similar) database?

My recent learning tells me that the github model requires more space on the user's computer than a database model would. Since the contributor would be 'checking out' huge chunks of the repository to 'work on' and then 'reintegrate.' While a database model requires logging in to the actual server for actions (uploading, downloading, editing, etc.), it does not put a load on the contributor's storage just their connection status and bandwidth.

The git-repository model keeps track of changes and historical states by design. The database model does it by extension and module choice.

Either way, once we have a completed collection of 'marked-up' video and tagged primary transcripts, we will need a secure archive separate from the deployed and active site - perhaps a git-repository would be useful here, if it manages video/audio as well as text files well.

And, very soon, we will need a model that can handle huge amounts of data easily. So, light programs for small companies, individual blogs (with little wiki modules tacked on), and small teams are going to be outgrown very soon.

I like the idea of keeping the discussion of the project mostly here on the forums. It will keep transparency high and attract more contributors in the long run.

I think Signum uses Wordpress for some of its website structure. And I know Wordpress does not have a good Wiki module/extension. So, we will need to deploy something different even within Signum's own authority (plus, as Project ExLOR grows database sharing of an existing Wordpress installation would be hard for both the project website and the university website).

All the things that Wobh listed are backend management set-ups in the three open-source wiki programs that I have tested over the past few years. They all seem to be built into the structure and core extensions of most of the database-sourced options that I have seen. The decisions still need to be made, but the structures are there in the open-source software.

But, are there better products we should consider?


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I know you all can do better than this. But It's just to get the ball rolling and generate ideas and dos and don'ts and such.

Anyhow, here is the first Sandbox for a CMS and Wiki idea (remember, I took all of 3 hours installing and playing with the site):

The page is anonymous.
First level user login: Volunteer, PW: 217Episodes
Editor level user login: ProofReader, PW: 217Episodes
SubAdmin level user login: BigBoss, PW: 217Episodes

(Yeah, I know, Passwords are repeated. But it's just a Sandbox until it's not needed anymore).
And each level login gives different access. You get the idea.


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I just found out that Youtube videos can be clipped and given a unique url. Just pull up an ExLOTR video on your desktop and you'll see a pair of scissors and the word CLIP - click through to make a 5 - 60 second clip. Sadly the clip repeats forever.


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@ericco There are not currently transcripts of the Discord channel. There are already some people working on preserving future questions/comments from the channel for this project, but thanks for posting those links! We can look into that.

It would be a difficult task to go through the backlog. If anyone wishes to scroll back and note down past questions, linking them to their relevant episodes, you are welcome to do so! But I wouldn't specifically ask anyone to take that on.