[Welcome] Running LotRO Group Content ... the Mythgard Way!

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Welcome indeed!

So you want to learn more about LotRO's group content - from instances to raids, big battles, even roving threats and warbands - how they work, how to navigate them, and maybe do them in company with your kin? You've come to the right place! So here are a few guidelines to help you get the most from using this forum as part of that process ...

Grouping - Where this forum will help you the most, in terms of finding a playing group, is in longer-term organization for regular play. This could be efforts like a regular play date that people want to assemble around (think something like "Friday Night Magic" - assembling and maintaining a regular group meeting Friday nights to run ... whatever), or arranging for something like our previous Mythgard Adventures (like the Ost Dunhoth raids) whether in a one-off situation or even a small series. It's not best-used as a spur-of-the-moment thing, but ahead of time, perhaps even well ahead; so if you're looking simply for a pick-up group to run with that night, this will not be your best option - you'll be more liable to find people quickly on our Facebook group, Mythgard on LOTRO. To let us know your thread is involving this subject, start the title with [Group].

Questions - So you've got some questions, perhaps how to set up your character to better deal with some of this content, what sort of equipment is best for your guardian or hunter, a specific issue with some of this content you need some experienced help with ... this is your forum. Let us know what your [Question] is, and one of our vets will be happy to lend some advice.

How-To's/Guides - This range of topics will encompass a number of possibilities. First, homegrown-material ... we've got access to some players who've seen good chunks of this game, and might be persuaded (if asked nicely) to write about it. This forum is where you'll find it; we'll include such things as walk-throughs of instances and greater, class-specific setups and more. We'll also take the time to put together and maintain topics listing resources useful to the effort (hopefully to help keep us from reinventing the wheel too often). You'll find any such threads headed with a [How-To] or [Guide]. If you'd like to see us develop something in particular, that might be a good subject for a [Question]. And if you'd like to contribute one to the forum drop me a PM and we'll make it happen!

We'll update this thread from time to time, as we get feedback and/or come up with new categories to be aware of and use, so stay tuned. If anyone sees anything obviously missing from this Welcome! message, do please PM me separately about it so I can get it recognized and added in.

Until then, as Pineleaf might say, Group Responsibly!
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