Hestia of the Hearth
I am delighted to meet you and to welcome you to the Community Hearth. My name is Sparrow, and I am serving the community as Hestia of the Hearth - moderator on this Board as well as the Mythgard Academy discussions and the Creative Writing forum.

Please use this forum for conversation, musings, philosophy, doggerel, chatter, and forming and maintaining our asynchronous friendships.

In the Community Hearth we encourage one another to awesomeness! On this path we abide by the Signum University Code of Student Conduct.

  • Help each other to - and expect each other to - grep and grok our rights and responsibilities.
  • Respect our own and others’ awesomeness and diversity.
  • Awesomeness includes being acceptable, proper, legal. If less-than-awesome things happen, take it right to Hestia of the Hearth; if that person is the problem, take it straight to the Admins of these Boards.

  • With integrity and diligence, in fellowship with one another and in stewardship for future members of the Signum community, we quest for excellence like an Elven boss.