Whoops! Script Discussion S04E10

I could not understand the podcast.Nick was ok, but everytime Rhiannon or Marie were talking the sound seemed to collapse and be totally confused.
Ok, so sadly, I deleted the original video from my computer to conserve space. It was working after upload, so I'm not entirely certain what could have happened. I'm a bit upset by this, but one thing I've definitely concluded is that streaming the videos live probably isn't going to happen. My current living accommodations don't have a good enough internet connection to support both the video call and streaming. It means that I'm going to have to make some adjustments to how I get the videos out there and I'll have to be more careful and check my work a bit more closely. I do apologize for losing this one.
Here is an updated but not final Episode 10 script. Please give me any feedback you have so I can incorporate it into the final version to send to the hosts.


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