Why not get rope in Rivendell Sam?

Richelle Okada

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When the Fellowship is standing around waiting for Gandalf, Sam thinks he'll want some rope but decides that he can't get it. I don't understand why he can't. He is still in Rivendell; are there no helpful elves who could fetch some or is he too shy to ask? It works well in the plot to have him get rope from Lorien perhaps made by the Lady Galadriel. But, I would love to hear discussion on the particular aspect of Sam's character that prevents him from asking for rope in Rivendell.

Anthony Lawther

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It's impossible to give an answer without engaging in conjecture, but some possibilities:

1. Too shy (as you've identified)
2. Embarrassed to ask after Boromir's horn incident
3. Assumes that his request would not be met, as he is only a servant
4. He doesn't want to delay the departure on his own account by asking for the rope, waiting for the rope, unpacking and repacking his pack to accommodate the rope, etc.

Other possibilities?

Rachel Port

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I go with number 4. Sam carries so many supplies - more than his share - and has spent much of the day making sure things fit in his pack. Unpacking and repacking with something else to fit in is daunting, not to mention that he doesn't know how soon Gandalf will come out and they will be ready to leave. He would not want to delay that. Also, remember that he has no idea how far this journey will take him; his ideas of geography and distance being distorted by his inexperience - as far as he knows, it could take only a week or two to get to Mount Doom and back. He could kick himself for forgetting rope, but he hasn't needed it so far, and he's way farther than he'd ever imagined going already.