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(I had fun tinkering with Gimp today. Might need it a bit more going forward.)

So we had a neat discussion today about Episode 13 for Season 2, among other things, and one of the things we thought would be good going forward into Season 3 is to address some of the accessibility concerns the project has. This is an attempt to address one of them while also giving us a more proactive and regular approach to getting content created for the project with regard to the outlines and scripts.

Conclusion: we need an online calendar.

There are most likely a multitude of potential software solutions to this problem. We're looking for something that is preferably inter-actable that can be put into a forum post, but I'll settle for a link that can then be embedded into an actual image of the current schedule. We're open to suggestions about which software solution is most applicable to the project, but the actual execution of what we're trying to accomplish is not super complicated: we just want something visual that can be put out months ahead of time so we have a basic idea of where we "should be" in advance of any deadlines for content production that the Execs set for us or that we, for whatever reason, might set for ourselves (vacations, conventions like Mythmoot come to mind). Hopefully this will allow us to either stay more regular with content creation, or provide us a plausible excuse to get impotently angry at someone when they (inevitably) drop the ball (hey, who's that handsome guy in the mirror!?).

This will also, hopefully, help to make the Outline/Script development process less opaque and make it so a participant needn't attend or wait for the recordings of the Roundtables, or have to wade through the forum to find out where the project is at and what's coming next. We've got some time in advance of Season 3, so let's get out in front of this one!

Worth mentioning I basically only ever use my iPhone for anything, and never for Silmfilm, so if it helps, pretend you are teaching a toddler when you talk about why you like such-and-such software/website.

Nicholas Palazzo

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I figured it was worth a try. Especially considering we're not likely to have anything on it for the next month. If someone finds something better, no harm done.