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    Wheel of Time (TV/book)

    I think I'll finish the first book for completionist sake, but the tv series isn't really working for me. I can't keep the characters straight at all. And (bookwise, at lease) they are far too reliant on the idiot ball. Even hobbits knew better than to go wandering around strange towns in the...
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    Wheel of Time (TV/book)

    The images I've seen for the WoT series seem really good, so I started reading the first one. So far, it feels very much in the style of the early Fellowship of the Rings; a flight from a homely setting due to a possible threat...not precisely imitating Tolkien but not very unique either. Does...
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    Audiobook versions

    I found the BBC adaptation online--it's currently free through BBC Radio. Though it has modernized dialogue and a 'frame narrative' of sorts, I'm just thrilled to find one that has John Hurt and David Warner. I mean, diehard Whovian points here!
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    Welcome to the shadowed forest!

    Thank you for the links. I have the Longfellow complete text, and two of three books in Circadi, but not this version.
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    Denethor and the Council of Elrond

    I was watching the Extended Edition of The Two Towers at the theater the other day; in one of the scenes, Denethor says that Elrond has called a meeting for unknown reason. Denethor assumes the Ring has been found, to which Boromir says 'Isildur's Bane.' This blatantly contradicts the book...