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I have a new niece! Little hobbit was born yesterday, and I will keep calling her that until my sister gives me an appropriate nickname ;)
Natajeanbean has been my log in ID for many years. But I much prefer Nienna, as she is the Vala most precious and closest to my heart. Aredendil is my name in LoTRO, active mostly on crickhollow.

I’m currently getting caught up on both exploring LoTRO and Silm Film, and looking forward to adding to forum discussions soon.
Sadly, I'll be in the air during this evening's session. Good luck to everyone!
Well, for good or ill, we finished Season 4! On to post-production now....
Nicholas Palazzo
Nicholas Palazzo
Cool. I'm listening to the previous session on the way back down to VA, and hope to have fully caught up by our first Script Discussion.
Bought "The History of Middle-Earth" today. The 3 vol collection. And I already have a heap of books I should have read.