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Almost finished with season 4 on the podcast! I think I may just go ahead and hop into season 6 and the forums because there's no way I'll be able to finish the others before this current season wraps. Apologies in advance if I accidentally reference anything that's already been discussed while I continue to catch up!
Richol Richards
Richol Richards
P.S. Loving the Celeborn-Galadriel content in S4. It's definitely helped me appreciate Celeborn's character more, something I confess I hadn't spent much time considering previously. Also there are so many moments in these episodes that could be put on t-shirts, haha. Poor Angrod. :)
Yes, please jump right in to Season 6! We are discussing Episode 7 tomorrow :)
Have started to read Casper Clemmensen's "Tolkien og det mytiske Jylland" (Tolkien and the mythical Jutland). A book about Tolkien in Danish.
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Er det ei ny bok? Kor fekk du tak i ho?
Utgitt i år, 2022. Husker ikke hvor jeg kjøpte den, men det var i Danmark. Var der, og i Svergie i sommerferien.
Oh my goodness. The years have been long. As with many, life has been a bit of a roller coaster for me. I'm only just now properly beginning the long journey back to reconnecting with this side of my life. May take a *while* to get caught up honestly, but I'm certainly going to try!