Call for Volunteers!


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I'm Will. I just got caught up in the podcast and joining this evening. I'm a web application developer--in Ruby On Rails mostly, but I'd be to help in whatever platform we land on.


My name is Hege Høibye, but I go mostly by Ragnelle online. I live on the western coast of Norway, by one of the fjords. I have studied history of ideas, and word literature at the University of Oslo, and Drama and theatre at the Collage of Oslo and worked for about 10 years as an oral story-teller. Then I began studying theology at the University of Oslo and am now Cand.Theol - which equals a Master in theology + one year of seminary. I am a minister in the Church of Norway (Lutheran). My main hobby (which might be relevant) is horses (I have two). I have done some combat-related riding, but not very much.

I am old enough to have been a fan of Tolkien's books before the Jackson movies. I don't recall how old I was when I first read LotR or The Hobbit, but I remember that our mother read it to us (me and my twin sister), and we stopped after Bilbo escaped from the goblin caves - Gollum was too scary. We were at lest 8 at the time, if not a few years older. We read Farmer Giles of Ham instead. Neither of us picked up The Hobbit again until we were 13-14. But about the same time we read LotR together, and I have loved that book since. I did not get in contact with other Tolkien fans until the Jackson movies, though.

I have no tech skills, I fear, but would like to help with, for instance, keep tack of a theme or world usage, perhaps write a paper/article on a theme. I have practical experience with oral story-telling, and a lot of my education and present work deals with the interpretation of texts.

My work can be busy so I am not sure about how big a project I can commit to, but I would like to contribute in some way. I do want to look at how laughter and smiles work in LotR.

Listing all the kinds of topics I am interested in would take too long, but I have a love for the Eolingas and the Northern Rangers (of the people groups), and for Aragorn (of the main characters). I have been fascinated by the concept of the eucatastrophe and sub-creation since I read On Fairy-Stories the first time, and also on how Tolkien's story-telling and language making work together - how myth and language seems to feed of each other in his creative process. And I like poetry. And... well, too long to list all.

I mostly follow through podcast - both because of the time difference and because I often only have time while driving - so I am usually a bit behind the rest of you here.


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Hi, My name is Sven Igl from Germany,
As already written in the "technical" area of the forum, I am currently working as a Full Stack Developer in an internal Innovation Department.
Formerly i was doing a lot of work in IT Infrastructure, specifically Server/Datacenter Architecture.

These days, the main programming languages for me are Javascript/Typescript, Python, and Go. In the past i did a lot of Java, .NET, PHP, Perl, ...
I am more than happy to offer my assistance in whatever we come up with here :)


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Greetings from Tennessee!
I was introduced to Tolkien about 5 years ago and have since come across Ex-LotR. I’m currently in school for computer science, but ironically, I think the content side of things is the only place where I could have any meaningful contribution. I’m really interested in how a single page that Tolkien wrote fits together and interacts with the rest of his corpus. Perhaps one of the tasks down the road is to unify all the theories made during Ex-LotR and cross reference them with text from Silm, UT, HoMe, Letters, etc. I love indefinite speculation as long as there’s reason to support it.

I’m fully on board with whatever is needed. I can transcribe episodes and organize LOTS of info to make Ex-LotR even more accessible to every open mind.


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My name is Rachel, I live in North Carolina. I first read the Hobbit in college and then read LOTR and fell in love with Middle Earth. Thanks to Exploring LOTR, I was able to get through the Silmarillion.

I am currently a grad student studying library science. I love organization. While I cannot help with the technical side of things, I can help with classification, etc.
Hi im Jordan, or Amdiros in the discord. I'm a longtime podcast listener and occasional in-person attendant. I have a BA in Classics, but my main qualification here is I just want to help out, though I am also happy to learn for this project. I expect to help out with the content curation stuff first and foremost.
Hey all, I'm Amanda, or more commonly known around here as Trifle. I've very little in the way of tech skills, though I do know enough to know what I don't know in that regard. My only claim to fame is that I do own pretty much any of the books we'll want, including the HoMe comprehensive index. I'm happy to chatter on about ideas and generally help where I can!


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Hello I'm Adam from Belington, WV. I fell in love with Tolkien watching the Rankin and Bass cartoons on laserdisc. I have a bachelor's in History and 4 semester of graduate work in seminary. I'm currently unemployed so doing something like this as volunteer work since I'm on disability is very appealing.

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Hi Team!

I grew up with the Rankin and Bass cartoons (including the read-a-long cassette books :)) before first reading the LOTR in the early 90’s. I have a Ph.D. In physics (hence the ‘Evil Dr.’) and love working with datasets. Perhaps some of you have seen the projections I periodically post forecasting when we will complete the ELOTR podcast. Happy to help where I can.


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Hmm, so much talent here, I'm not sure how I can contribute. Jack of all trades, master of none. I read LOTR first in the early 70s - I was the kid reading late at night, under the covers with a flashlight (with a dying battery). A regular re-reader of LOTR until the Silmarillion came out. Then finally I got around to The Hobbit. Still a LOTR re-reader, but I few years ago it occurred to me to read HoME. Then it occurred to me that maybe there was a podcast about Tolkien. I've enjoyed listening to many people's chapter by chapter reading; I've enjoyed ExLOTR too. I feel little like a Melkor - off on my own, developing my own thoughts, making my own music; but now I've discovered a large, knowledgeable community - now I'm more like an Ulmo - still out of town a lot, but participating with the community and interested in making a contribution. My first post on these forums.


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My name is Kathrin, aka Bill Stickers, from Germany. I currently teach Latin in a grammar school. I discovered the Tolkien Professor around the time ExLotR started and have listened ever since, though usually asynchronously.
I do not have any tech skills to speak of but I am interested in everything concerning language and I could do some research, writing, editing - or whatever else is needed in that department.


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Hi I'm Lynette in the UK. I don't have any tech expertise but I am a layout editor for an academic journal (I format things very nicely:D) I'm working on a PhD in history which probably doesn't help much but I do spend a lot of time writing/editing because of it.
And of course I am generally enthusiastic about this project!


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Matthew Hoffmann. No technical skills, but I do have a desire to help however I can, whether it's transcribing, or digging into the sessions to find specific points or even just proofread.


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Diane Riggins. No technical skills. I would love to help on the content side. Nice to have met some of you Saturday night at the zoom meeting during Mythmoot. :)