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    Elendil the lying bastard! Historical bias in the Akallabeth!

    I found a very interesting blog post about Historical bias in the Akkallabeth, which sheds some less favorable light on the tall and noble Elendil. Here is the Link
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    The One Where the Archivist Babbles On About Paper Preservation

    One also have to think about the materials the Parchment were made from, if it is beasts we have now, and if the Scroll would have been prepard with oinments or been "reinforced" in other ways. I am not familiar with preservatio techniques, but i can imagine it could have been "secured" with a...
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    Plate or no plate? That is the question.

    Turner Mohan has made some very awesome Numenorean Designs.
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    Plate or no plate? That is the question.

    Breast-plates similar to ancient Celtic Bronze ones might be fitting for some elves, although made from Steel or Iron. They would be wearing it over the Chainmail. And Plate-panoply similar to King Philips II of Macedons for the Numenoreans.
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    Elven military

    Bronze Age La Tene is perfect for Elves IMO, for example this looks very much like the Helmet the Dragon Slayer is wearing, without the Feathers.
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    Ofc, but i think it unwise to ignore such quite nice designs that could be fit for one of the Maaaany dwarven cultures we have.
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    Elven military

    I think the Elves are special in their case, Qhat i think is strong in Merlkirs (the artists i firat posted) and Victor Ambrus's Elves is the fact thay they are so Elegant and with stuff so finely-made without it being Alien, like the Movies.
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    Weapon & Armor systems; Tactical Styles in Middle Earth

    We might want to keep Wains and Chariot warfare something that is only used by the Easterlings of the Third Age. I think it would make their "style" of fighting more unique, and make it more impressive than if it had been used be people before them.
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    Elven military

    There is 0% Renaissance and Baroque in that if you ask me, La Tene Celtic maybe, but no, not Renaissance. If you ask me at least.
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    The Dwarven Plate is absolutely beautiful, love the almost Bronze-age feeling it has, also looks very much like the helmets that Tolkien drew in the Smaug drawing. It is actually the only plate armour that i think might even look quite nice for Middle Earth, and i'm usually a no-plate hardliner.
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    Elven military

    Merlkir is perhaps one of the greatest Tolkien artists of our time, IMO, and i think his designs really balances the "Alien" and the "Familiar" in Elven designs. Here is for example some Elven helmets, which i think are absolutely perfect.
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    Well, eh, i do actually think we Should take qutie a lot of tips from the 1977 movie, it has some really gorgeous designs for the Dwarven armour and Elven clothes, although the woodelves look a bit too "Goblin"like.
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    Very cool! If you could, i would consider making the face a bit longer. The current face it fine, but it almost looks too human, and takes away a bit from the more "awe-inspiring" side of Dragons. Maybe Something more pointed, with an almost beak-like (though, not a beak) effect?
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    Exploring Lord of the Rings - course duration??

    As a builder on Ardacraft i can fully support this, many of us are big fans of Etlotrs and build our version of middle earth with "Digital archeology" in mind.
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    This Rivendell biild in Minecraft is perfect i think, check it out.