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    Rope- why is only Sam thinking of it?

    Ooh; where did you find "Andwise Roper"? In LotR, he is only referred to as "Sam's uncle Andy". [googles] Ah! He's in a family tree in Appendix C, that's where. Well, I never. It wasn't until pretty recently that I ever learned what a rope-walk is; I had always pictured it as something built of...
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    Radio adaptation

    And Sam sang the Gil-Galad song!
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    Radio adaptation

    I thought it was way too short. It was almost a "good-parts version", jumping from one important scene to the next with no travel in between. I missed the landscapes, though I must admit in retrospect that they're awfully difficult to render in audio-only!
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    Amazon series: reactions to news and rumours. (Spoiler alert!)

    Jumping in on this discussion very late, but: we know from LotR that many Hobbit children were born in the year after Sauron's defeat with fair hair "which had previously been rare in the Shire". I believe some sort of magic is involved. Genetics does not determine everything in Middle Earth!
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    Mate of Orcrist

    I take this as evidence (albeit weak evidence) that Orcs are immortal, like Elves. Other, more elaborate, explanations can be imagined, but the simplest is that some of the Orcs recognized the swords because they had seen them before, during the First Age. Of course, that idea presents many...
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    Mate of Orcrist

    I always assumed (without evidence) that they were made by the same smith at the same time and with the same basic design, and that was what made them "mates".
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    "losses" amongst the Eldar before the finding

    Mandos may have simply held this knowledge close. Not a talkative guy, in any case. The finding of the Elves was fated, so there was no need to go blabbing about the Fëar already in his keeping . . .
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    A real world equivalent for "Ranger"

    I'm not sure if it is still much current, but when I was younger the dismissive counter-cultural spelling of "America" here in the US was "Amerika". I never did know why, exactly, or where this came from, but Merriam-Webster online says this spelling represents the "racist or fascist aspect of...
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    Does Sauron accomplish what Morgoth could not; break the unat and penetrate the barrier of unwill?

    Perhaps it was an empty threat (or at least exaggerated). Eowyn might have held up as well as Hurin, and defied Sauron until it was he that was exhausted!
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    That makes me think of Bujold's The Curse of Chalion. The five gods have fated the removal of the curse - but another generation goes by before their fate is accomplished. The protagonist at one point wonders how many others might have been sent out before him on his hard, hard road by the gods...
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    Elves doing math and counting in base 12

    I think it was in a book by Richard Feynman - no, maybe Robert Silverberg - anyway, you can count up to 1023 on ten fingers. In binary. Aha! It was Frederik Pohl.
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    Favorite children's book poetry

    As a child, and into my teens, I poured over (and over and over) the nonsense stories and poems of Edward Lear. I still remember a lot: Far and few, far and few are the lands where the Jumblies live their heads are green and their hands are blue and they went to sea in a sieve
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    Elves doing math and counting in base 12

    Divide into six is really not at all easy, especially if you want all the pieces the same size. Dividing into six requires that you slice from edge to center -- and stop there! Very hard to do with a metal disk. cf "pieces of eight"...
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    I think you left out the words "makes no sense" after "Radagast". But really, it makes little sense even if Sauruman (my fingers always make him a dinosaur, all on their own) Saruman started out good, or managed to deceive even Gandalf up until the encounter at Isengard. Heading straight to Bag...
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    Lament for the Rohirrim

    Odola has it just as I understand the poem. "Gather" is a verb here, meaning bring together: anything that is dispersed as smoke can never be assembled again. Similarly, years gone by can never be revisited. It is all sadness and grief, quite suitably in a lament for the fallen.