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    Ah, so you were saying that perhaps Saruman thought Fëanor was trying to "tame" the light of the Trees... make it obey his directive. Interesting.
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    I too think "broken" is an important word choice. A scientist or engineer who takes something apart in order to understand it -- and then put it back together -- is different from someone who breaks and does not repair. His treatment of the trees is similar... Saruman not only cuts down trees...
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    The titles of Wizards, and the business of The Grey

    I think we need to look closely at the development of Gandalf from The Hobbit into The Lord of the Rings. Gandalf is never 'the Grey' in The Hobbit. But what sort of information would Tolkien have to work on when bringing him into TLOTR? He is "an old man with a staff...a tall pointed blue hat...
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    A throwback - the Horn-call of Buckland (Episode 62)

    Ever since reading Garth's Tolkien and The Great War, I can only think of the effect of military horn calls, which are at once a clarion call to action and an anticipation of death.
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    Sauron’s Strategy

    These are good points. I hadn't previously considered that no one -- White Council or Sauron -- believed that destroying the Ring would effectively destroy Sauron. He'd survived the fall of Numenor, and the loss of the Ring to Isildur, after all. I imagine that Sauron was heartened by the fact...
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    Sauron and Gollum and Gollum’s escape?

    I think the first problem to consider is Why Sauron Let Gollum Go. 1. He had learned from Gollum two things: A. Gollum's ring was His One Ring, and B. He had lost it to a Baggins from the Shire, a not-Man, not-Elf, not-Dwarf who had been in the company of dwarves now residing in Erebor (those...
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    An alternate take on Gandalf’s use of Black Speech

    It's a very recent thought, inspired by the serendipity of re-reading Ainulindale just before listening to this episode. I think it struck me because I was wondering why I had always had that interpretation of the scene. Purely instinctive and ideosyncratic, as I was reading LotR for a decade...
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    An alternate take on Gandalf’s use of Black Speech

    I don't think I ever thought that the effect of Gandalf's use of Black Speech was something he intentionally produced. It always seemed to me to be inherent to the speech itself, that the language of Mordor cannot be spoken without damaging the person who speaks it and those who hear it. This...
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    Bilbo’s longevity

    I don't think it was so much his age (he is related to the Old Took, who lived to 131?), but the fact that he continues to look like, and have the energy of, a hobbit in his prime. Very Dorian Gray of him.
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    The burzum-ishi krimpatul problem

    I would say that while it is true that Eru Iluvatar is not mentioned in LotR (outside Appendix A), I don't think one can assert that Eru does not exist. Once Tolkien committed to placing his "New Hobbit" into the same universe as his Silmarillion tales, the existence of Eru would have been in...
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    Aragorn, Aragorn, where have you been?

    As far as I know. I don't watch live, but usually catch up Wed or Thurs on Twitch. I think the YouTube feed doesn't go up until later in the week. The Facebook page usually announces if a session is postponed.
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    Aragorn, Aragorn, where have you been?

    The evidence is indeed scant, hence my belief that we can each supply our own head canon. And of course, there's nothing to prevent him having made multiple trips into multiple areas. I would simply argue that the last place he was before meeting Arwen in Lorien was the borders of Mordor...
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    Aragorn, Aragorn, where have you been?

    It's those who watched the films before reading the books. It's possible that they met when Aragorn dropped off Gollum, but there's nothing in the text to indicate that they were acquainted before the Council
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    Aragorn, Aragorn, where have you been?

    And it just struck me to wonder when Aragorn went through Moria. Would have to have been before 2989, when Balin & Co. arrived. Was it on the way from Lorien to Rivendell? And there are 20 years unaccounted for between 2980 and Bilbo's Birthday party, when Gandalf asks Aragorn to help 'seek news...
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    Aragorn, Aragorn, where have you been?

    As I said elsewhere, I was reading LotR for 10 years before the publication of The Silmarillion, so I spent a lot of time going over the Appendices and have built up a personal headcanon of what people were doing in the 'between times.' This I have gleaned from Appendix A: During the reign of...