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    Long Term Plan?

    I also love the close-reading journey, have been listening to Corey weekly since before Mythgard, will be reading LOTR the rest of my life, and simultaneously think we lose something by reading so slowly that the book takes us 3-6 decades. I think we lose ability to tie together different parts...
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    Two Maori actresses with amazing faces (strong, dangerous, beautiful, framed with great hair) to consider for this role, a good way to bring lesser-known actors who viewers don't strongly associate with other roles: Juanita Hepi Shavaughn...
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    I second the Manu Bennett nomination, and add the idea of Lawrence Makoare. The Maori look - strong, long hair, handsome but not pretty, associated with water/islands - is a good one for Ulmo. Time to have Lawrence play a non-villain and be visible without prosthetics...
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    I nominate Paul Kaye, who showed us the needed ropy thinness, unpredictability and energy, and near-homeless look as Vinculus in the BBC's adaptation of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. He has the right physicality for Osse, though obviously the personality would be different from Vinculus...