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    SilmFilm Narsil

    Narsil will have a long and glorious history, and we are now putting a bit more of that together. Surprisingly, the fate of Narsil came up in Session 5-29 while speaking about the culture of the Edain. While there has always been a temptation to make Narsil someone's 'second best sword', the...
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    Horses came up again in Session 5-29, but now we are talking about the horses among Men. It was decided that the House of Hador, when living in Estolad, will have a nomadic culture. As part of this, they will ride horses...but more like shaggy Icelandic ponies. Their horses will appear very...
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    Script Discussion S05E11

    I wanted to do a brief refresher of the ages and relationships of our Ladros characters for this episode. Episode 11 takes place in FA 445, 10 years prior to the Dagor Bragollach. There is a 10 year time skip montage in the tag of the episode, so that we will be moving directly into the...
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    Season 5 Resources

    A preview of a map from tonight's podcast, showing the movements of the Edain in Beleriand throughout Season 5.
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    Now for a warning from THE Professor in his own words...

    I don't think it's 'having it both ways' at all. I think an author can have a very definitive answer about how and why something has happened in the story...but never share what that answer is with the readers, leaving it a mystery. That's a perfectly legitimate approach to writing! After...
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    Session 5-29: Culture of the Edain

    Caranthir offers to equip the Haladin, but Haleth declines. Hador accepts the Dragon-helm, so presumably he has no such compunction against accepting elven gifts to be armed by the Noldor. And the House of Bëor is setting out on their own in Ladros...but after living among the elves of...
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    Session 5-29: Culture of the Edain

    With each of the Houses of the Edain, we show a change in their lifestyle/culture over the course of the season, in relationship to how they interact with the Elves of Beleriand. The House of Haleth distrusts the Elves and wants to remain completely independent, rejecting Caranthir's overture...
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    Script Discussion S05E11

    Comparing what I wrote in the preseason: To the current outline: Círdan - I will support you by Sea, but Thingol will not. Dor-lomin - We support you, but Hador is too aged to do so himself; he sends his sons. Orodreth - Uhhhh, this is above my paygrade, talk to Finrod. Angrod and Aegnor -...
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    Session 5-29: Culture of the Edain

    The next Silm Film session will be on Thursday, April 22nd at 10 PM EDT. If you have not yet signed up for the new GoToWebinar session, you will want to do that here: We will be discussing the cultures of the three Houses of the...
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    To be fair, no doubt one of the ways in which we could portray aging with Bëor's actor would be to give him a very 'bulky' wardrobe in the earlier scenes, to make him seem quite robust, and then, as he ages, slim down the costumes to make him appear more frail. So, a less bear-like casting...
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    So you want to be a script writer?

    Sure, Eliza! If you have an questions/comments about anything while working on it, feel free to ask. As a reminder, I opened this thread almost a year ago now. So, some of these claims are coming up on their 'year and a day' expiration date. If you are working on a script - no worries and...
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    Script Discussion S05E11

    Quick reminder that this episode is likely our only chance to see Círdan this season, so we should think about how we want to make use of him, and what comments on the season's themes he might offer.
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    How to get involved with SilmFilm?

    Welcome! I am so glad to hear that you've been enjoying SilmFilm. As for getting involved, that is really up to you - what might you be interested in doing? You mentioned enjoying the casting discussion. Currently, we have a list of characters for Season 5 who will need to be cast. Feel free...
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    Weapon & Armor systems; Tactical Styles in Middle Earth

    Primarily Thuringwethil
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    Weapon & Armor systems; Tactical Styles in Middle Earth

    Part of the issue is that the Angband storyline is very light in this quite full season...and the other part of the issue is that Sauron doesn't currently command orcs (who are under Gothmog's command), so orcs answering to Sauron will be a Season 6 development. In Season 5, Sauron has his...