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    What'cha reading?

    I enjoyed Ann Leckie's Ancillary series. I enjoy books that airdrop me into a very different world, where I have to learn what is going on. I'm reading Jemison's Fifth Season now, and finishing Name of the Wind
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    What'cha reading?

    Oh, I also just recently finished Islandia again, by Austin Tappan Wright. Definitely a slow read, but to be savoured.
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    What'cha reading?

    Mostly reading for the Tolkien's War class I'll be taking. Lots of reading, almost but not quite "read everything Tolkien ever wrote". I mostly read short stories now (Analog, Asimov's and Magazine of Fantasy & SF), I don't usually have the time/attention for anything longer, but I did pick up...
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    What'cha reading?

    Almost anything by Dunsany is worth reading I've found.
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    Prompt: Platform 9 and 3/4 Challenge!

    Hello, I'm Edwina, I'm pleased to meet you! Here is what I have in my trunk: Clothing enough for 7 days. Mom and Dad and I made them over the summer so I'd have something appropriate. My schoolbooks (used, but Minister Granger gave me her old Charms textbook!) 3 quills and ink 10 blank...
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    Episode 0-1

    1. I'm with those who argue against portraying Iluvatar at all. No matter what you do there will always be some who will think "No way Iluvatar, the One God, the creator of Arda, looks like that". That happens with any character portrayal of course. But more than any other character perhaps...