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    Would a weregild be expected from a battle or from more of a murder/ duel or accident? Would people really be expected to pay a weregild for every noble who fell in battle?
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    A Theory on Boromir's Anonymity at the Beginning of the Council

    What if Boromir had introduced himself as Boromir of Gondor and had assumed that everyone would know who he was? It wasn't until the introductions were made that he realized that he needed to be more clear on his office?
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    The Unrest of the Longbeards

    I know that in the Silmarillion it is said that the Dwarves do not share their language, ie teach others. I am just wondering if they would actually leave records and how-to manuals of their great crafts?
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    Elrond and Cirdan - ulterior motive?

    Did Elrond have a ring at the time? Didn't GilGalad have two? When did Elrond get one?
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    End in sight!!

    I have been fiendishly catching up on Exploring the Lord of the Rings. I discovered the podcast through the Prancing Pony and since July I have gone through exploring the Hobbit and the Silmarillion seminar and am now on episode 93 of EtLoR. My question has to deal with TexMoot. I am going and...