Aaragorn having trouble


I am aaragorn son of arathorn and the rightful king of Gondor

I didn't vote for you.

You don't vote for kings.

How did you become king then?

Ellron the forest elf reforged this broken magic sword to signify my rulership

Listen strange Elves living in forests are no basis for a system of government. Supreme exeutive power drives from the masses not some weird pointy ear ceremony

I order you to be quite

Order? who do you think you are

Well I am king

You can't achieve supreme executive power because some con artist glued fake ears on his head. And threw a Scimitar at you.

As King of Gondor I order you to be quite

I mean if I went around saying I was an Emperor just because my sword glowed blue they put me away. Come see the violence inherit in the system. HELP HELP I am being repressed!