Aslan and the Valar


This is simply a fun un-polished idea, but it's been a seed in my brain for a few years now.

If Aslan of Narnia was/had a connection to a Valar or a Maiar of Middle Earth, who would he be or show patronage to? In both cases, they are the God characters who create their respective worlds with music.
The ones that come to my mind are Nienna, Olorin(Gandalf), and Tulkas.

Tulkas similarities: Golden-haired, physically powerful, laughing, evil fears him

Nienna similarities: Wise, resurection, grieving

Olorin similarities: Self-sacrificial resurected Christ figure, supports others through emotion(keeping up spirits), humble but strong

Just curious if anyone has any other thoughts on this, or perhaps it has already been discussed elsewhere(Lewis + Tolkien course?). I know there are probably many theories out there about how Narnia and Middle Earth could be the same place somehow.
This one is more of a fun head-cannon theory than reality, but the many connections of the Inklings makes it not all that crazy.

I activated a poll to see if there is a concensus among Mythgard.




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Well, Aslan literally is Jesus, so I assume he'd just be Eru Illuvatar.

Ignoring that, I'm not sure which Vala or Maia he resembles most. He's a lot more interventionist than any Vala, so Olorin is a good comparison. They both have a noticeable sense of humor, but Aslan has a cooler temper. But he also kind of has some loose similarity to Orome?

Tulkas, I'd say no, because Aslan plans for the future but Tulkas doesn't.

Nienna seems more... depressed? pessimistic? than Aslan.


Thanks so much for the thoughts! Super helpful in pursuing this playful head cannon connection-making.:)

The interventionism element is a really good point, and I think key here. I agree that both Nienna and Tulkas seem a bit more of a stretch. One is too happy and free-spirited, the other too sad. Aslan is like a balance between the two. Orome is an interesting idea... a Valar of beasts and nature, and Aslan is King of the Beasts.

I'm not certain Aslan would be Illuvatar, just because I see Eru as the Heavenly Father figure, and Olorin as more similar to Jesus.(Partially because the interventionism and involvment in the mortal world you mentioned)

I've forgotten... is it evident if Aslan is the only one who sings Narnia into being?(A song of creation being another one of the many connections to Middle Earth) That might also be important here.


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Aslan creates the land and air, then he creates the Stars. The Stars also sing (like the Ainur) although it isn't clear to me if they're actually participating in the creation process itself, or just singing for some other reason.

Lewis distinguishes Aslan (the Son) from the Emperor-Beyond-the-Sea (the Father), but Tolkien sets his stories before Jesus is born so there's no apparent distinction.

Aslan gets sad when he or someone he loves dies, but he's usually either solemn or jolly. He also practices dwarf-tossing... which has no place in Middle-earth, darnit.