Collected Notes on the Score?

Kevin MacLeod

New Member
Does there exist anywhere a collection of notes just for the score?

e.g. Scene breakdown with music notes and approximate run times of the pieces?

Also, I'm a composer. Here's a link to a Silmarillion-themed piece I did about 5 years ago.

It isn't exactly pretty... but - you know... Ungoliant and Melkor aren't really in to the pretty-making.

Nicholas Palazzo

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So good to see you up here. Not sure if you know, but I've been using your YouTube uploads for the Script Discussion videos! Credits in the video description. The script outlines haven't been approved yet, but as soon as they are, we could probably do a work-up of that for ya.

Nicholas Palazzo

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Well feel free to check it out. I've been using Five Armies for intro music.

As soon as our outlines get approval (presumption), I'd like to get to work on blocking out scenes. Will that have the necessary detail you would need?

Phillip Menzies

Staff member
Hi Kevin,
As Nicholas said we have not progressed that far yet. We are still mostly at conceptual stages for the scores and getting ideas for themes. I don't know if we will ever get as far as doing whole scores for episodes. Our music session is on the 22nd of April and feel free to post any ideas you have here on the forums.