Fill-in-blanks adaptation

One fill-in-theblanks adaptation maybe worth discussing is Wicked.

I actually despise it for a number of choices in the adaptation, but it purports to be a prequel to Wizard of Oz. The trouble comes with asking what version is Maguire adapting: the original books or the MGM film? For rights purposes he seems to be treading a line between both, which doesn’t work. Because mGM made thr witch green and that’s a plot point in Maguire, but it isn’t Baum. Yet he does bring in Baum references even while subverting and undermining it.

And then you get to the musical which downplays some of the darkest worst choices. So there you have an adaptation of an adaptation of an adaptation.

Meanwhile, I was actually kind of into Tarsem’s Emerald City series, which fully reimagined the themes of the books.

Because Oz is public don’t there is a lit of discussion to be had in how it’s been adapted over the last century.