I can't recall whether the decision was made to introduce the palantiri in season 2 or not, but either way this is a relevant question: what size are they? I seem to recall the stuff in Unfinished Tales suggesting that the palantiri were of different sizes, at least the ones brought to Middle Earth, and that the one on Amon Sul was huge. But maybe this is one of those things that Tolkien rethought; I can't remember. Do we do that? Do we want big ones, small ones, some as big as Aulë's head?

Nicholas Palazzo

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We introduced the palantiri in episode ... 8, I believe. I agree that there should be differing sizes, but most about the size of a large grapefruit.


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Yes, we have Fëanor showing the palantíri to Aulë in Episode 8, the Trial of Melkor. We also have Finwë reference using a palantir to look at Middle Earth in Episode 9 (the Silmarils).

I think we will need to show Melkor smash any palantíri that he finds in Formenos in Episode 13. We didn't call attention to them in Episode 11, but it would be possible to show a palantir in Fëanor's study/inner sanctum in Formenos.

Differing in size sounds good to me, within reason.