Script Discussion S07E03

Sorry for the delay! This time, it's my fault, and my travel schedule just isn't matching up with when we should be able to do these things.
Wish I could be there for the (proper) meeting of Húrin and Morwen. I'm very keen for Morwen NOT to be portrayed as an unsympathetic character. She's been through a lot between the fall of Ladros and refugee status, with the weight of the remnant House of Bëor on her shoulders. She gets a bad rap from the narrator of the Silmarillion (I blame Dirhavel!), who portrays her as haughty and proud. I think we can attribute at least some of this interpretation to a male narrator who has trouble with women in leadership positions, and furthermore has no idea what it is like to be a mother (see my Ozmoot paper for the full argument).
I was completely delighted with seeing young women spinning - that is what they should be doing almost constantly given the "pseudo-historic" timeframe, and we see it so little depicted on screen.
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The script discussion for Episode 3 will be held on May 24th. Again, sorry for the delay!



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I was completely delighted with seeing young women spinning - that is what they should be doing almost constantly given the "pseudo-historic" timeframe, and we see it so little depicted on screen.
I agree. I recalled the earlier discussion, too. It's this level of material culture that really makes a (hypothetical) show immersive. It would be cool if we see little reminders later about this, to show the continuity of such a cultural practice among these Edain.
Here is the Episode Outline for Episode 3, based on that Twitch discussion.

We will be discussing this episode during the next podcast on Thursday July 11th, so if anyone has any suggestions for additions or alterations to the Episode outline, please suggest them now so that we can present the outline we all agree on for the podcast. There will be no script for this episode, as we did not have anyone express interest in writing one.


A-Plot: Skirmish on the borders of Hithlum leads to the death of Galdor. Húrin becomes Lord of Dor-lómin.
B-Plot: Elf-centric politics and battle plans in Mithrim
C-Plot: Celeborn and Galadriel discuss their different courses of action.

Episode Outline

Teaser: Northern Hithlum - A skirmish has broken out on the marches of Hithlum between orcs of Angband and elves of Mithrim. An incursion of orcs…. In Barad Eithel, Fingon sends word to Círdan and Galdor asking for aid in defending from this attack. Fingon takes a portion of his troops and heads out to meet the orcs and defend Mithrim.

Act I : FA 464
Scene 1: Frame

Scene 2: Dor-lómin - Fingon’s message has arrived. We get the context for the conflict between the Elves and the Orcs. How often does this happen? (on-and-off cold war) What’s different this time? (large force from the north) Laying out the mission. Húrin - let’s do this! Galdor - heavy and serious. .

Scene 3: Dor-lómin - Húrin notices Morwen…and Huor sees him noticing her. Light brotherly teasing. They discuss the coming fighting. They talk about how their time in Gondolin has changed them. Húrin is more eager than ever - he feels quite certain that this is what they should be doing. Huor (wise beyond his years) is more reflective, and is aware that much can be lost. Gondolin still calls to him, and he is living in the moment here and now (as the Elves do). He is committed to fighting as a sense of duty, and accepts that there are many things in life he does not know.

Scene 4:. Dor-lómin - Leavetaking. Húrin says goodbye to Hareth. She’s reluctant to let her sons who just got back go into battle. Can’t he leave one of them (Huor) behind for her? Look, every family’s sons go into battle, and that includes mine. She presumes that he will leave Gundor’s son Gelir as his regent. He surprises her by appointing Emeldir the Manhearted as regent in his absence. There is a private aside that acknowledges Emeldir’s ill health, but she is still healthy enough to fulfill this role.

Act II :
Scene 5: River north of Lake Mithrim - Fingon is staging a defense on the east side of the river crossing, attempting to forestall the progress of the orcs. Fingon the Valiant seems eager for the chance to attack Morgoth’s orcs who have strayed too far from Angband. [During the waiting, Elrhûn talks to Rhogrin about Annael. Elrhún is angry about his father Annael’s betrayal, and Rhogrin seeks to give some more context about what it means to be a captive elf in Angband. Elrhûn is unconvinced, and perhaps comes to doubt Rhogrin?] The orc scouts see that the crossing is well defended, and the army declines to cross at the ford,.continuing south. Fingon must give chase to prevent them from reaching the settlements of Mithrim. The Elves begin to cross the river.

Scene 6: Ossiriand - Galadriel shares the information she’s learned from Treebeard with Celeborn. She’s eager to head east over the mountains and find these Men he spoke of. Her intentions of recruiting new allies for the war against Morgoth is made clear.

Scene 7: Mountains of Mithrim - Conversation between Galdor and his sons. They talk about - women! Huor makes a comment about Húrin’s interest in Morwen. Galdor wants to urge his sons to think about their responsibilities not just to fight when called upon, but also to consider who they will marry. Galdor is glad his heirs returned, but that is something they will have to think about as well. His reliance on Gelir in their absence comes up. Huor has romantic ideas about soulmates and fated love. Húrin is more practical. Galdor speaks about how well he did with Hareth, who has been a good partner for him. Scout reports that orcs have been spotted.

Scene 8: River north of Lake Mithrim - The orcs have spotted the Men in their path to the south, and are now halted, preparing to engage their enemies. Arrows are beginning to fly. Fingon is a capable leader and tactician, and orders his elves to prepare to attack the orcs from the rear. One of his (young, inexperienced) elves expresses confusion over why they’re suddenly attacking now, and not before. If we could beat them on our own, why didn’t we just charge at the river crossing? Caution from Fingon and Elrhûn about underestimating large numbers of orcs. Then, we were alone, but now, we are not! Explanation of which tactics work when you are infantry and you have light cavalry allies, references to the Dagor Bragollach. The orcs engage the elves from the rear, while also preparing to face the Men. .

Act III :
Scene 9: River north of Lake Mithrim - Galdor takes the side on the river (right flank). Galdor sends Húrin and Huor on the far side (left flank). Húrin is concerned about the Men being trapped between the orcs and the river. Galdor is confident he can rendezvous with the Elves. Húrin tries to join him, and it told to go separate ways (designated survivor logic). Charge past the orcs! Orcs try to drive Men on the right flank into the river. Galdor and his guys fight through desperately. Last we see of them, they are close to making it.

Scene 10: River north of Lake Mithrim - Fingon is in the midst of the fighting. Orcs trying to drive the Elves into the River. (The orcs have *one* strategy in this fight…) Rhogrin rescues him from a tight spot.

Scene 11: River north of Lake Mithrim - Galdor, and the right flank of the Men of Dor-lómin, are in danger of being trapped against the riverbank, but they manage to fight their way through to Fingon’s Elves. Fingon greets him happily, and praises them for their help. But then a stray arrow catches Galdor in the eye, and he falls from his horse. Húrin, distraught to the point of being fey, cuts into the orc army to his right. The orcs are terrified by this maneuver! Húrin makes it most of the way through the host of orcs, nearly to the river. This offensive is still going full steam when we cut away.

Scene 12: River north of Lake Mithrim - Fingon guards the place where Galdor fell. Galdor’s men ride past behind the elves. One of the Elves suggests retreating before they get surrounded, and Fingon refuses. The fate of the Men of Dor-lómin is at stake, and they won’t be abandoned.

Act IV:
Scene 13: Ossiriand - Galadriel wants Celeborn to join her…but he declines. He thinks it is more important for him to return to Doriath at this time. War is brewing, and the silmaril is there - Thingol will have need of his diplomat in the days ahead. We see that Galadriel and Celeborn’s relationship is such that they have confidence in each other and are working together even when apart. Celeborn does express concern for her, and she promises that she will not go alone.

Scene 14: River north of Lake Mithrim - Círdan arrives in time with riverboats from Lake Mithrim and soldiers on foot (Falathrim marines). The orcs are driven away north, hunted down by the remaining horsed Men of Dor-lómin. Húrin and Huor rush to the site where Galdor fell, only to discover that he is already dead.

Scene 15: Dor-lómin - State funeral for Galdor. Fingon consoles Húrin. Emeldir and Morwen attend the funeral as well. Húrin and Emeldir discuss his new role privately. He claims that he has prepared all his life, but he’s not ready to be lord. She reassures him that one is never ready.

Scene 16: Frame

Maedhros and Amras travelling westward; we catch a glimpse of them at the Gates of Sirion
I recognize that this might be somewhat difficult to follow without some maps. Hopefully this will help.

Overall troop movements:

Starting Locations of our main players in the Teaser at the beginning of the Episode:
Skirmish in Hithlum Movements - Part 1 - Teaser.jpg

In Act 2, Fingon and his troops sit at a river crossing, waiting to stop the orcs. When the orcs realize that the Ford is held, they choose not to cross, and continue southwest towards Mithrim.
Skirmish in Hithlum Movements - Part 2 - Act 2.jpg

The Orc Army halts their southward movement when they catch sight of the Men of Dor-lómin.
Skirmish in Hithlum Movements - Part 3 - Act 2 Scene 8.jpg

The Elves of Mithrim infantry attack the Orc army from behind, while the Men of Dor-lómin attempt to flank them with their light cavalry.

Skirmish in Hithlum Movements - Part 4 - Act 3 Scene 9.jpg

After Galdor reaches Fingon, he falls off his horse struck by an arrow. Húrin then charges into the orc army.

Skirmish in Hithlum Movements - Part 5 - Act 3 Scene 10.jpg

Finally, in Act IV, Círdan arrives, and the orcs are routed.

Skirmish in Hithlum Movements - Part 6 - Act 4 Scene 14.jpg
A reminder that we will be discussing this episode during this week's podcast.

Any suggestions for titles for the episode?