Session 1.19

Phillip Menzies

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Next Session on the 22nd of April 2016 will be devoted to music in Season 1. Our special guest is John Di Bartolo from The Lonely Mountain Band. The exciting news is that you can be a composer by submitting your music ideas. It could be a theme for a character or a particular event in SilmFilm Season 1. If you can sing, hum, warble or even tap out a beat, no matter how long or short, send it in and John will make it into something special.
Here's how to do it. Go to or download the Clyp App for Android or ios to your mobile device. You have the choice of dropping in a sound file or recording something directly. After you have uploaded your sound you need to fill in two fields. In the Title field type the name of the piece and we also suggest your name Eg. Manwe by Phillip, otherwise we will have 20 clips called Manwe. In the description field put in anything you want to say about the piece plus #SilmFilm. This is most important because this is how we search for your clips.
You only have until midnight on Friday the 15th of April Eastern US time to get your themes in to allow John time to work his magic before the next session on 22nd of April.
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