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Alex Long

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I just posted sheet music I've written for songs and poems from The Lord of the Rings (well, just Book 1 as of now.) It's in my album under the 'Media' tab. Our story narrative is nowhere near the Third Age*, but since the frame is set in the Third Age and/or we might want to foreshadow some of this music earlier (Beren and Luthien for instance,) I'm posting my ideas for these songs and poems now. Also, I realize that sheet music isn't helpful for people who don't read music or don't have a piano/stringed instrument. These forums themselves are not set up to directly upload video files which is a shame. Unfortunately, I use my personal Youtube account for other things, and I don't want to flood it with me playing Tolkien songs. (Anybody else who may want to do so, however, is more than welcome. Just don't sell it...)

*[We are working on Season 1 as of my posting of this thread.]

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