The great cavern war part 18 -Don't mess with the best- Macduff


Virgil dressed in simple leather tunic and pants. He had his mirror attached to a necklace and wore it around his neck. He heard that Vampire and Litches had taken over Lionel Castle and he prepared some spells to be ready for battle. His orders were clear he was to eradicate the litches and in so doing he would gain the loyalty of the Vampires. Reports came from Lionel castle indicating something of a civil war between the two races. Vampires are more cowardly and cunning then the litches. Vampires do not like to engage in open battle very often and will live in solitude for long periods of time. Litches however are almost the exact opposite. They are very physically imposing and carry a sword in each hand when they begin to battle. They will often charge at foes and often bring them down no matter what the cost. Both are undead creatures and when castle Lionel was unoccupied the began to settle it.

7 vampires and 5 litches were arguing about who should be king of the castle. The leader of the litches was 7 feet tall and him and his followers had a head engulfed in fire like all litches do. His armor was shiny and black there was also a red patch on his breastplate. He had spikes sticking out of his armor by his head and was quite a sigh to see. His voice was deep and when he spoke small flames flickered out of his tongue. He barked out his threat to the vampires. “I will be king of his castle and if any of you have a problem you can talk to my friends.” He took out two swords and started to bang them upon each other and the rest of the litches followed suit. The Vampires hissed but began to back off. They knew better then to fight with the litches. They were dressed in grey tunics and were much shorter then the litches. Vampires always had incredible pale skin but mostly resembled a normal human expect for the fangs. There was a teleporter on the west side of the throne room it was rather large and red it was used for teleporting people but had been dormant for a while but just as the litch leader started towards the throne it began to pulsate and glow bright red and a simple lone figure came out.

The vampires and litches watched in awe as Virgil stepped out. The litch leader drew his swords and rushed at this newcomer but Virgil was ready. He casted his summoning spell and two giant rats appeared. The first was named Claw and the other was Fang. Claw hissed and with a massive stroke knocked back the litch leader into a wall. Fang jumped at the other litches and a mighty battle began. The other litches began stabbing at fang and was about to be overrun but the Vampires were able to sense strong magic with Virgil so they joined him and started to attack the litches. One of the litches managed to drill his sword thru the head of fang and killed it. At the same time Fang’s mighty bite had spilt the litch in two and it died. The 7 vampires finished off the remaining 3 litches but lost one of their number in the process.

While this was going on the litch leader recovered from his surprise and sprang to attack claw. He jumped into the air and with both his swords plunged them deep into the rat’s head killing it instantly. This left him open to a surprise attack as Virgil used his flaming skull spell and it shot out his hands and it knocked down the litch. Virgil knew it wasn’t enough to kill the thing but it had the desired result of knocking it back so Virgil could read another spell. The litch leader got back up again and the two began to circle each other. The leader knew it was in a bad spot with all of its ally’s dead and 6 vampires plus a Wizard to deal with most people would surrender or run away. Pride and anger swelled his head and he banged his swords tighter and rushed at the wizard.