The Tolkien Art Index

Richard Rohlin

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One of the cool things that came up at Kalamazoo this year (so I'm told--I wasn't able to get out there myself) is the Tolkien Art Index.

Essentially, Erik Mueller-Harder has compiled what he hopes will be the standard system for referencing Tolkien's artwork. Anderson and Hammond and Scull both used their own reference numbers because there was no standard, and he incorporated those into his index.

This is a great thing for the aspiring Tolkien scholars among us, and it should hopefully make the job of looking at Tolkien the artist a little more accessible.

H/T Luke Baugher Shelton.


Hestia of the Hearth
Oooh! I met Dr. Mueller-harder at Tolkien In Vermont this year - lovely gentleman who appreciated the concordance.
I think we "creators of reference works" are birds of a feather.