Till We Have Faces - Psyche and Tinidril

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Hey all,

Perlandra spoilers below!

You've been warned!

I've been listening back to episodes of our Faces discussion when Orual goes up the mountain to find Psyche - first the trip where Psyche tries to show her the god's house, and then a second trip where Orual coerces Psyche into shining a light on her husband leading the the first apocalypse. I was noticing there are a lot of parallels between Psyche and Tinidril, the Green Lady of Perlandra.

These aren't well organized thoughts and I haven't looked up passages. As Corey would say here's a moot paper idea and if someone wants to develop it further feel free to do so.

Both Psyche and Tinidril tell about their relationships. Psyche has a relationship with unseen husband who is also a god. Tinidril has a relationship with an unseen husband (unseen because he is off-stage for most of the book), and a relationship with the god Maledil (for those who haven't read Perelandra Maledil=Jesus, or rather Jesus is the Second Person of the Trinity as incarnated on Earth, Maledil is the Second Person of the Trinity as expressed on the other planets of the solar system.

In both cases there are conversations between an older character who thinks themselves to be wiser - Orual and Ransom (and for that matter Weston), whereas Psyche and Tinidril are younger and innocent, but actually turn out to be much wiser.

In both cases there is debate over some seemingly arbitrary restriction (seeing Cupid, living on the Fixed Land) where the reason for following the restriction is ultimately love for the one doing the restricting. In both cases breaking that restriction could lead to disaster.

Both Psyche and Tinidril are "perfect" characters - there is no guile in either of them.

This one is more vibes, but specific passages of dialogue could illustrate them better. Psyche and Tinidril just sound the same to me.

Both are raised to almost godlike status.

Anyway, obviously unsurprising as these are the two greatest works of fiction by the same author, but I wonder what Psyche tells us about Tinidril, or Tinidril tells us about Psyche.

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