Unfinished Tales: Gifts of the Valar to Men


If long life is an odd gift for the Valar to give to Men, what would be an appropriate gift(s)?

1. Don't ban men from the Undying Lands. The "one forbidden thing" is a classic trope that is guaranteed to cause problems. Why not just put a PSA on it? "Spending time in the Undying Lands is shown to reduce human life expectancy by 34.7%. The Valar will not be held accountable for this effect." (Not to mention that Frodo and Bilbo [and maybe even Gimli] get to go, so what's up with banning the Numenorians?)

2. Reverse the punishments visited upon humans when they were evicted from the Garden of Eden. For example, women get to skip the whole "travail in childbirth" thing. And maybe some kind of meal-in-a-bucket trees (like in Oz) and/or Restaurant at the End of the Universe cows, so they don't have to actually farm for their food.

3. Some kind of really effective way to remember how to do things so that knowledge can't be lost. Maybe a never-fading ink & never-degrading paper to make books out of.