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    Oof, been a tough summer for live listing to ELotR. Hope to get back to Discord in the fall...

    Oof, been a tough summer for live listing to ELotR. Hope to get back to Discord in the fall...
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    Group Terms for Dragons

    I mentioned it in the chat at the time but it got buried quickly. One collective noun for worms is a "clew" of worms. I feel like that would be good for dragons.
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    A Gamgee in a pickle

    Thanks! I was wondering about this last night! And in a delightful bit of serendipity/Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon, a different podcast I was listening to this morning had a host musing about whether "in a pickle" would have been a common usage in the mid-1800s. (In the context of the...
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    In Defense of Frodo

    It's very much an Underpants Gnomes sort of situation, with the Wise having a total belief in the ? step.
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    Yeah I saw this. Not going to try to dive too deep before it is viewable. Ready to be entertained.

    Yeah I saw this. Not going to try to dive too deep before it is viewable. Ready to be entertained.
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    Did Elrond Stage the Council so Frodo Would Volunteer?

    That does seem like the way he is steering this. A "Jesus, take the wheel" sort of thing. Not in a bad or ineffective way, in a genuine, best way to do it way.
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    SilmFilm Narsil

    I would like for it to be very distinctive - definitely *not* of Noldor influence, unlike anything else in play in the Elf/Man sphere. The fully-informed observer would know it as dwarven, the casual observer would merely notice that it is different.,
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    Homework. From Boromir’s perspective. Benefits and Concerns. Does Boromir think that his divine dream has been explained? Does he buy the plan?

    Yeah I think I'm with you on this one Flammifer. This moment you describe would be interpreted by Boromir as the exact counsel that he came here for. Dream solved! His corruption by desire for the Ring can come later and change his mind/plans. But for now, this is the answer. (BTW, who...
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    The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

    I have the audiobook, and I find that you just sort of absorb it from context with enough meaning to get by.
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    In defence of Galdor

    I put it in a different post, but "send it to the West" sounds like a straightforward solution, but fails to capture a couple other practical matters. 1) Do they send Frodo? If a Mortal is on board, will the ship even be able to reach the Western Shore? 2) Do they violently strip the Ring...
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    Do Elves ever really do Estel?

    It's interesting. It might be that the consequences of... surrendering (?) to estel are smaller for Men? Estel, by definition I think, is the sort of hope that pretty much never works out (or doesn't work out the way you'd like at a personal level). We see the times where it does work out...
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    Flight to the Sea is fraught with gravest peril

    (Missed last week, just catching up now in preparation for tomorrow night) I think Galdor has his finger on it pretty well. If Sauron were to learn that the might of the North were setting out toward the Havens, he would know the answer to the one question that has been vexing him above all...
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    A Question of Gandalf for the future.

    I didn't interpret "naked" as "without a body" before reading the Silmarillion, but I always have since then.
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    Homework: Why would the Valar not receive the Ring, according to Elrond?

    I don't have a problem with this, other than that it doesn't really solve the "how" problem, it just pushes it back a step.
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    Was the Ring Afraid in Tom Bombadil’s House?

    Frodo hasn't had the ring on ever, as far as we know (the last time it was ever on a finger was Bilbo's disappearing trick at his party, no?). Other than Gandalf's trick with the fire, he only has Bilbo's promise that it's been the actual Ring in his pocket all along.