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    Mini moot

    I'm a European player in Mythgard (on Anor) and would love to be able to join in for some Mythmoot fun from across the pond.
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    Weather-Wind and Black Breath

    I’ve been doing a bit of speculation in regards to the term ‘Black Breath’, a term which I have never really wrapped my head around. This is by no means a proper theory and it would surely not hold up to any form of academic scrutiny, but I just thought it might be interesting as a point of...
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    On the Spell of Bottomless Dread

    I think one should be a bit mindful using eye effects in this case. While it is a great way to show the Spell, because of the "eyes are the window to the soul" concept, it has been used so much that it's almost a cliché. We all recognise the classic scene where a character makes eye contact with...
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    Anybody interested in Visual Effects?

    I'm still in Season 1, but I don't mind questions relating to later stuff as I am quite familiar with the Silmarillion. And I started this discussion on the premise that there might not be that many here with experience/knowledge of visual effects and I was hoping to be able to help out and...
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    Anybody interested in Visual Effects?

    Hiya! I've just started listening to the Silmfilm discussions and thought I'd just throw in a message here. I work as a visual effects producer and I was wondering if there are other people here interested in talking about or discussing VFX in a Silmfilm context? I can see that there are a...